Taking cuttings from flowering donors

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    Hi All,

    Great site - hope you can help?

    I'm planning a grow which coincides with an existing grow that will be about two to three weeks into flowering by the time i'm set up.

    I've been offered these cuttings but i'm not 100% sure if they will veg ok if they are that far into flowering as i've only done hydro grows from seeds before?

    The potential donor is the NL variety.

    Thanks for any advice!

  2. You can take clones at ANY time during flowering. I have taken clones as late as the day of the harvest. The only drawback is they take a bit longer to revert back to vegetative growth.

    So don't worry.....your cuttings will be fine.
  3. Thanks CM - how long do they take to revert back and start to show signs of growth if they are flowering cuttings?
  4. They usually take around 10 days to revert back to veg growth.
  5. sweet - thanks again
  6. Ive wondered the same thing...CM. I have a small 25 site botincare aero cloner. The instructions say it takes 3-10 days to gets roots (I have never used it...impulse buy). Would I still get roots that quick even tho mine are almost ready to harvrest? Looking to make a Satori mom since I cant get any more till January from Madala.

  7. No...the 3-10 day clones apply to clones taken in veg growth. Nonetheless, you will still get your clones to revert back to vegetative growth. It'll probably take around 10 days though.

    If you guys want some really fast results with really nice, white roots....get a product called "Hygrozyme".

    It is by far the best thing I have ever used to aid in cloning. I also have found that "Root Tech" cloning gel makes for some healthy, robust clones as well.
  8. I always keep hygrozyme on hand to prevent root rot :D

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