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  1. Hey guys so I'm not new to growing at all but I will be new to cloning. So when I start my next grow which is going to be white widow x big bud I want to try cloning for the first time. My question is first is cloning difficult? I will read up on it for sure and have some but are they hard to get and keep alive? Second can I grow my clones under the same light as my grow. Right now I only have one light and can't get another for a bit but probably will get a 250 Watt for my clones or can I maybe also grow my clones under cfls and than place them under my 400 Watt mg/hps. Thanks for the help guys.
  2. I don't know too much but I know you need to make sure its going to be a female, which you can do by making a clone and putting it into flowering. As for trying to put clones in with other plants growing, I imagine the canopy of the other plants would block too much light to the clones but I'm not entirely sure.
  3. Well my seeds are feminized so I don't think that will be a issue. Also my second bedroom is a grow room so they should have room but I still may just get 2 250 Watt cfls for my clones or a 300 Watt cfl.
  4. CFL for clones I use 65w for cloning then once rooted place under bigger light
  5. cloning is easy, keep them moist and warm. and do not let them sit in air once cut from the plant put directly into water and you will have a very high success rate. min is currectly 100% on my clones :D
  6. Cloning isn't hard but there is so much you can do to help the process.

    I do the minimum effort way which is cut a clone from a mother plant then take that clone dip the cut end in water and then re cut at a 45 degree angle to stop air bubbles in the stem. Make sure you have your medium and everything ready ie humidity dome ( mines a home made one) because they won't last too long once cut lowering your chance of success.

    Also clones need to be warm and do not actually need very much light depending on how many your thinking of doing, I use a 23w cfl and have 4 clones under that until they root. You will want to keep them moist by spraying with water twice or more a day. Once they get to the point where you can see new growth starting this is normally when they can take up water on their own meaning they have rooted which means its time to give them light. Mine go straight under a 600w hps the second I think there ready. Hope this help in some way :)
  7. Just for the record, you can clone under your grow light, but not directly under. If you put you humidity dome (which I recommend using), in the outskirts of your light, or cover the dome with chesse cloth, it should be minimal enough light to prevent dehydration.

    I also keep mine hella wet all the time, mostly because I have a real job that takes most of time and energy.

    The biggest thing to keep in mind is where you cut. You need to cut just below and node and that node is what needs root hormone (not necessary, but speeds things up a bit), and that node needs to be in your substrate and kept moist. The node contains cells similar to animal stems cells, so new roots initiate quickly from this meristematic tissue.

    \|/ <-----remove these leave but do not damage the node.
    -----Cut here
  8. buddahaze does it exactly how I do it. Ive tried rockwool cubes and jiffy pellets, I found it really helps to have low watt light and keeping the humidity high. I usually just put the clones in a tupper ware and cover it with a ziplock baggie and keep it moist throughout the day.
  9. Who makes the best cloning gel or compound and which is easier to use?
  10. I have actually cloned a shit ton of clones.

    I built a rumple cloner. You can too.

    Search this site for, "let's build a clone machine". Fuck it, I'll do it for ya.


    Make one of those. Ignore every product for sale that mentions cloning, gel, powder, whatever. Ignore it. You don't need it. Spend that money on more weed.

    Now that I've told you those things, I'll give my own take on cloning, with which I'm sure some might disagree, but they shouldn't. For real man!

    When I first started, I cut each one at a perfect angle, with a sterile razor, and acted like I was in a science lab and focused on everything and made sure my water in the machine was always at the right ph and all that. And all my clones rooted. It was great. I didn't use a big light, just a single 23w cfl over em. Thing about clones, is that they don't have alot of roots. So if you start blasting them with alot of light, they start wanting to grow, and in turn start wanting to eat, but they can't eat with no roots, so the leaves all turn to shit and it just blows. Stresses the little ones man no good no good. Don't use a huge light, waste of juice and it'll be hot and it's not even worth it.

    Here's what I'm doing now. I've been growing plants of the same seed I got about 2 years ago now. 9 about to come down, 10 cuts ready to go in. Everything rooting fine.

    Now, I basically go through, with my finger and thumbnail, rip off branches that I don't think are going to amount to any big buds, then shove them in the cloner, which has plain old tap water and nothing else in it. To be honest, I haven't even changed that water in a while, I just pour more in as it evaporates to make sure it stays above the pump. The cloner is in a 30x20x36 tent, with a 4 bulb, 2 foot t5 over it, pumping all of about 96 watts or something. I usually just let em go crazy in the cloner until there's a place to put em under the big lights. Last time, All the roots were tangled and tied together and I cut em apart with a pair of scissors and transferred them to bubble buckets and those are about 3 weeks from the chop, and looking beautiful.

    So all in all, taking clones, if you set up and do it right is probably the easiest thing ever. I've gotten drunk, stumbled in, ripped off branches and went back in a day later and realized I cut clones when I was blacked out sleepwalking or something. It's easy. Just like pretty much any other phase of the weed plant's life, if you've got the temps, the humidity, and the root zone in check, they pretty much do all the work.
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  11. LOL!

    I totally agree.

    Sharp clean razor blades, RO water, blah, blah, blah.

    I use a pair of 5 year old dirty, dull scissors. I don't pH adjust my rockwool cubes. I touch the stems. I break leaves off the node. I dip straight into my clone gel bottle. Pretty much everything "they" tell you not to do and I rarely lose a clone.

    I also agree, that low light levels through establishment and lots of water/humidity is about all you need.
  12. The only thing I disagree with in the "let's build a clone machine" thread is where he is cutting. Granted any part of the stem will take root, but is much faster if the node is the primary location. My rockwool clones take less than 10 days to root, generally in the range of 7 days. In fall and spring (when temps are ideal and I can use my clone mat) it take even less time.
  13. Wow I can't wait to try this.
  14. Does anyone know if i use a clone machine if i can still soil grow. Because i dont currently have a hydro setup.
  15. I use a upside-down fish tank for a humidity dome :) ill post some pics of my setup tomarrow if ya want
  16. Most important thing I learned when learning to clone was that you need to take older growth.Partially wooded to wooded cuttings.

    Well you can clone newer stuff,but its way more of a pain in the ass.Not worth the effort IMO.
  17. What does everyone spray em with? I use Liquid Karma around 0.6 to 0.7 EC and several drops of Superthrive. I feed them the same thing after the root cubes start to dry out. The first time I cloned had 100% cuz that was all I was focused on and sprayed them every day. Last couple times I haven't sprayed them much at all and they haven't done as good.
  18. Soil water for the 1st week then ec1.2 grow. soil light mix has an ec1.2 for 1st week so only spray water

  19. Yes you can. Or, you can search, "let's build a bubble bucket" and make a hydro setup in about 30 minutes for about $20.
  20. I'm just not sure I wanna do hydro. I hear its a lot of work and I work a lot. Unless my wife can learn I'd probably have a hard time.

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