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Taking Brand New Unused Glass on Plane

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by onthemoon, Aug 5, 2011.

  1. Can I do it? Flying from Virginia to Ohio. Not checking in luggage. I might get a bowl, bubbler, or mini bong.
  2. I dont see why not? As long as its 100% clean, and if they ask you say its for tabaccoo use. They'll most likley give you shit for it though.
  3. Just say it's for tobacco use and play stupid and make it seem like that's what you think it's for.
  4. yea bruh u shud be good.

    after all its just a water pipe.

    make sure its spotless
  5. You should be good as long as there is no resin at ALL in the pipe. If there are dogs there, they will sniff it out. Find a good cleaning guide if you have already used it
  6. It won't be used at all. I'm looking for a nice elaborate clear glass piece so it'll be easy for them to see it hasn't been used.
  7. If they ask just say it's a dildo...
  8. Technically they can't do anything about it if its not used/verrrrrry clean. Buuuut since it's TSA they'll most likely give you a hard time. I saw an old guy who could BARELY walk get pulled aside and bitched out and fully searched because he didn't take his laptop out of the bag...
  9. wouldnt it be less of a hassle if you just bought one in whatever town you're flying to?
  10. Yea, which I will probably do. I'm just raising a question for discussion.
  11. why don't you ship it home if you're worried about it?
  12. No offense to anyone but instead of relying on opinions, why not go to a website like NORML Virginia and NORML Ohio and see what the drug laws say for that state. Then also consider that you are going on a plane. Planes are under Federal jurisdiction, FAA, TSA, Homeland Security, so federal law and the DEA will apply. Just because you can slide by in some communities by saying it's for tobacco use, doesn't mean you can't be arrested on a federal paraphenalia charge at the airport.
  13. Make sure it's SPOTLESS!!! And remember, you HATE marijuana and you smoke tobacco out of it. Also pack a bag of tobacco, idk how much those go for but it'll help convincing the TSA if you get any shit. I would empty out like a handful of tobacco just to make it look like you've smoked some.
  14. Meh.

    Why don't you just check it into your luggage under the plane? Going through the Security Checkpoints is going to be a bitch, it's going to have to be a very small, very clean and clear pipe. I wouldn't have it be a Bong, that is kinda a suspicious looking device. Yeah you can say it is for tobacco use but they can still take it away if they feel you are using it for Pot. My recommendation would to just get a small compact bowl that looks like it could be used for tobacco.
  15. bowls are specifically for tobacco use. it's the only reason you can legally buy one
  16. O completely forgot. In some states unless you can prove that your piece is for tobacco use (ie. having a bag of tobacco with you) it can still be considered paraphernalia
  17. #17 BurnAFewDown, Aug 5, 2011
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    You can't if it's not used...... If theres no resin there's nothing wrong. So I it couldn't be used as a paraphernalia charge, that would make all head shops illegal..... They don't sell pipes with resin in them, their legal, and so is taking them on a plane. I took 5 pipes on a plane from Florida to Oregon. I got them on a cruise I went on for 3 different countries an they also got through international customs and 2 airports. Just fine......
  18. #18 BurnAFewDown, Aug 5, 2011
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    Then there should be tobacco resin on the bowl, so a clean pipe with half empty tobacco bag would luck just as suspicious
  19. Be offended when they ask about mj.

  20. Or it would make it look like you take care of your belongings?

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