Taking a taxi to work?!?!

Discussion in 'General' started by Weebie, Sep 3, 2008.

  1. Well, let me start off by saying.. Fuck DUIS.

    It's raining and cold outside and my bike tires are completely flat... I have to bike about 4 miles to work and it cost 8 dollars a taxi ride....

    Takin a taxi there and walking back.... Damn I need a moped. :(
  2. That sucks man. It's not like you can just not work, but taking a taxi there sometimes seems like it defeats the purpose because they're so expensive.

    8$ isn't a lot but it definitely makes work seem a lot less appealing.

    Can't catch a ride to/from work with a co worker? Maybe rack up some OT and get off with an employee who gets off a little later...
  3. ^^ Good idea I'm gona try this... But this is my first day at work lol :)
  4. Yeah man =)

    I'm sure if you see someone getting off a little later they wouldnt mind driving 4 miles, you could get an extra hour or two in at work.

    You could throw them a few bucks so they'll be happy and offer to do it again, and make out a little extra $ in the end. It's also cheaper than a taxi.

    I dunno, turn a bad situation into a good one =D
  5. The city bus don't go close to your job ? Should be a lot cheaper than the $8 for a taxi

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