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Taking a t break.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Lbs Of Personal, Jan 20, 2012.

  1. Hey guys im taking a t break. anybody play xbox live? haha sorry if this is the wrong forum. im looking for people to play with on mw3. or any game really. Do you guys think a week will be a long enough time?
  2. you got gears 3? me and my buddies are always looking for teammates.
  3. How long have you smoked? How often? More info would be helpful
  4. I think there someone should invent like a t break scale... lol and actually be able to have tolerance levels and how many days it would take to lower it down to a certain level.. would be a really cool bills guy the science guy experiement ahha

    anyways! i have live but i broke my mic =\ mw3/forza 4!

    gt is the same as gc user

    and well yah there is a game section with an actual username fourm but oh well
  5. man i smoke a ounce a week of dank sometimes more. with a little hash added to the mix. last time i took a week break and 2 bowls off my chillum got me high. im planning on ripping a fat bong rip to the face this time haha. i have smoke steady for about a year anywhere from a quarter a week to a ounce a week mostly a half ounce to a ounce though.
  6. yeah i lost my gears 3 haha. but ill prlly buy a new one since ill have extra money. any other games i should buy? or ways to pass the time.

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