Taking a quick stop in to say hey.

Discussion in 'General' started by AimedForDeath, Aug 10, 2008.

  1. How's it goin ya'll. I doubt many of you remember me, but 'tis me AFD. For those of you whom remember me, I say High again! For those who I have not met, I say welcome and hello. I have been real busy latley moving across the country. Just seeing what's up, ill be hanging around the city a little more often now.

    Stay high Blades!

  2. Hey man, I remember ya. Hope things are going well, nice to hear from older members now and then.

  3. You're name rings a bell also. Any of the old admins still around? Like junkie, rummy, indy? As for me things are going good. I moved from michigan to florida. And yourself?
  4. haha it seems like you have been gone for a while i've never heard of any junkie,rummy or indy lol

    Welcome back..
  5. Honestly, most of the older admins aren't really around that much. Rummy, Hempress and Cottons are still around here somewhere, probably busy during the summer. I'm doin good, it's cool if you don't remember me though, I was much more of a lurker back in the day. City's definately changed over time, expanded a lot. It's all good though.

  6. Its sad they aren't around much. Everyone use to be close, it was a small community. I wonder if I can get entrance into VIP, maybe some of the older members still kick it there. I don't exactly remember u, but I do remember ur name.
  7. HOPE YOU LIKE FLORIDA,,,,i recall your name,,,,

    im in lake city fla. a little north of you,,,,,by gainesville,,,,,,

    hollar back,,,:cool:
  8. haven't seen your name around here lately. how's shit going?

    EDIT: 4,700th post
  9. Yeah I love florida. I know where that is, around 45 minutes or an hour from me. Message me up chicken.

    what's everyone been up to? Who all lives down in central FL
  10. I was in Gainesville in the spring, for an NHRA race. Pretty small town if I remember correctly.

    Anyway, to AFD; welcome back. I'm sure the city has changed since you were last here so I hope you enjoy the new city.
  11. Don't really knows you (Been here less than a year).

    But regardless, hi, and welcome back =D

    I will be in florida in two weeks -- Hopefully going to relax for a little bit and get some fishing in before the semester starts.
  12. hey from across the pond mate. Haven't been around here long, just like dr dro said i was mainly a lurker back in the day until i decided it would be cool to give my input into things on here, especially since its all about wonderful skunk!
    enjoy your time here man, i dont know what ye olde GC was like, but i can tell you, its still a mad place.

    toke on!!! :bongin:
  13. Hi AFD...it's good to see you around. :)
  14. Things definitely change over time. So many old-schoolers in this thread...

  15. Its been awhile main.

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