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Taking a Break

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by xplicitcontent, Jul 13, 2002.

  1. Sigh, well its been a week and half since the streak (my continuous toking up everyday since May 18th) has ended and its been almost 6 days since I've last smoked up. With summer school, and working with my other friend who doesn't smoke, I havn't really had a chance to toke up anymore. I know that I'd have to quit sooner or later so I can get my real job, but I've noticed that this was the longest I've gone without weed since way earlier this year. Really within the past week, a lot of things got me to think. For one, weed wasn't getting me anywhere, and on the days I'd smoke, it would be the 3 of us in a basement,all day, all night, somtimes we'd go outside, but on rare occasions. I've recently lost all hope on a girl I've been pursuing, though we clicked, with my luck, she's taken. So i'm not feelin too good bout anything now. Damn, i dunno, i think im gonna stay off the herb. I feel like I've wasted too much for this, though with all due respect, I love it, I feel that i've accomplished nothing for the past few months.

    This may as well be my last post for a while (though I do plan to post a few more messages before I leave) and even though I havn't had a strong impact in the past few weeks, I did love this community and everything about it. So to everyone, bye bye, till maybe one day I return to the sweet sweet cheeba.

    Please Note that this edit as of now will be the last post for me here until I feel right to come back. Good bye everybody, you'll all be missed.

    keep smoking
    Xplicit Content

  2. You did have a strong impact on the City and you'll be missed. One day you'll be able to have the best of both worlds but until then have fun and be happy and know that you're place is always saved around here!!!!!

    *Awwww, I just saw you're avatar. And I'm having one of those reflective highs right now and am all emotional...
  3. yeah, his avatar got me before i was even high this morning, but i think his pic of cal ripken jr is is, i mean it was machine of baseball, never missing a day...aww...anyway, may your path less traveled make all the difference...haha, im stoned and ewanted to say something man, ummm, take it easy...

    EDIT: if you can take it easy, take it twice :smoking: :D
  4. good luck in the world, xplicit! things will sort themselves and you'll find that balance. you've got a long life ahead of you. plenty of time to seduce maryjane when the world stops spinning. :D all the best!

    it's been fun, but the party is now over.

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