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Taking a break from the great ganja :(

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by SkelterHelter, Mar 28, 2012.

  1. how do you do it? haha
  2. Get out of the house, exercise, make sure you have something to occupy your time.
  3. you stop smoking.

    Just kidding, i know how hard it can be. Yeah you have to just occupy yourself with other things like a hobby, friends, excersize, anything like that.

    It also helps to have some kinds of motivation, like try to save up a lot of money over the course of it so you have something to look forward to after its over
  4. Boredom is the killer. Find other hobbies and things that entertain you like weed did. Keep yourself occupied and you'll forget the feeling after a few days. Don't let boredom push you back.
  5. I gotta stop smoking for a really long time (more that 2 month's),because I got into a big ass bust.You just try to find or do something that will pass the time,nothing else.

  6. That bust didn't have anything to do with a thread you made about smuggling an ounce of hash discreetly with no smell at all, did it?

    And to OP: like everyone else said, just find a hobby to keep your mind off the herb. The first few days of a tbreak are the hardest, after that it's just about breaking habit.
  7. Start running, working out, reading. Just pick up a hobby and before you know it, your time will be occupied again.
  8. No man.I got my hand's on more hash,then someone that came into this world from 5 dollar's snitched on me.
  9. Yea like everyone said just occupy your time. Only like the first week or 2 is hard and after that its a piece of cake. Right now I only smoke on weekends and that monday after the weekend I'm fiendin but then I'm over it cuz i play xbox, do Muay Thai, play wit my lil poodle lol, and hang out wit my gf. Just gotta realize stuff is still fun without it.

  10. Loose lips sink ships. Not simple mistakes. Always remember that. More people need to understand that risk as a possibility when they decide that the reward outweighs the risk.
  11. It's easy when you have something to do. For example, when I'm home I don't even HAVE bud. Totally fine with it, since I have loads of places to go, things to do, etc.

    When I commute to my university, though, I really have nothing to do there during my breaks or after class other than spark up and chill with the bros. So that's what I do.

    I guess it's also a matter of who you hang out with. My friends back home never smoke, but everyone at university does.

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