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taking a 1 month T Break

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by tokeallday, Jan 28, 2014.

  1. to prove to my mom and dad weed isn't addictive and is a healthy herb? worth it? they'll finaly be somewhat cool with weed then, dunno if its worth it or not, my dad said if my mom is happy he'll buy me my driving lessons and shit

  2. definitely worth it if your still living with the rents, too many adults think marijuana is bad and heres one way you can prove them wrong. plus the tbreak wll do wonders for your tolerance, youll come back and be like "shiiiiiiiit havent been this high in a long while"
  3. I currently love at home and my parents stance is they don't want it in there house. So since it's there house I just keep it all outside or in my car usually car. If my parents gave me that option I would do it no prob. I smoke multiple times week probably 5 outa 7 days so it would sick but wtvr not a big deal.Or..!! Try to cheat and say ok so here is this documentary called "super high me" where this guy smokes pot all day everyday for 30 days and does some Tests and then stops smoking weed for 30 days and talks about it.. Might work but prob not ha! Sent from my iPhone using Grasscity Forum
  4. if it will convince your parents that weed isnt the drug its made out to be, and set in motion steps to getting your license, then absolutely do it. 
  5. yeah think i'll do it.. eve though its fucking pointless and i know pretty much the whole truth about mary j and how it;s actually benefited me.. ill just have my last zoot tomorrow and call it quits for 4 weeks. hopefully it'll all work out and be worth it.
  6. I am quitting myself for the sake for a better job... on day 1 again after I gave in to temptation twice before. The longest I quit these past 3 times was 1 week. I am sticking it out this time.
  7. Goodluck, I should probably take a tbreak too >.>
  8. It's so tempting since I had a few drinks and smoking would make me sooo chill.. ugh :(
  9. Not related to the post but I just took a 2 week t-break and am about to go pick up some wax and bud and get high as fuck :p
    T-breaks are WORTH IT, especially in your case.
  10. Yeah man, there are a lot of reasons to go on a T-break, ESPECIALLY in your case. You have to stay on your parents good side.
    Plus, take it from me and other seasoned tokers - get yourself used to taking frequent breaks from smoking. I've been smoking straight for the past 6 years with maybe....50 days total where I didn't smoke. Now, I am quitting for a couple months for several reasons and it's a living hell. I wish I took T-breaks here and there, I wouldn't be such a fiend.
    Save money, lower tolerance, and appreciate sobriety
  11. Go for it. Try to keep it hidden that you're toking it up, when you start smoking again.
  12. Your parents are ignorant, but they are just attempting to look out for you. So do it, because they've done so much for you, for you to be able to help put their mind at ease is the least you could do for them. And of course on top of that you can help open their mind and create a better environment for you. It's only 1 month, its absolutely worth it. 

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