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  1. So everyone knows there is no big reward without risk. Im curious if any blades out there have just up and moved out of their parents before and what the outcome was.

    Last year I tried moving out at this same time only to come back home with my tail between my legs at the end of july. But there was no job lined up or anything just hustle and ambition.

    So flashfoward a year and here I am thinking of doin it again but this time a lil diff. I have a few hundred bucks this time and had over 1000 last time but this time Im goin to go for a weekend to try to line up this job spraying linex.

    Its a steady job and shit but my boy needs me to move in by next week. So it will be spur of the moment telling my mom im leavin her and well convincing her to support me leaving. Also my car is not gonna be able to make the trip she so im going to ride there and back with one of my serves that comes down to get the job then hopefully ride with my mom or the same person to get my stuff down there.

    So what have yall done to get out and get it. I dont have a job just a lot of street smarts some book smart and a hustlers ambition.
  2. See ya mom, im outa here!

    But can you give me a ride? And then come back and get my stuff?
  3. you can try me all you want too its called getting out of the struggle. I sorry my family doesnt have as many financial opportunities. but thanks for taking for time out of your life to read about mine.

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