takeover of africa

Discussion in 'Politics' started by hoboleader, Dec 24, 2012.

  1. Derp, Kony 2012!
  2. General Butt Naked must be shaking in his boots, if he is wearing any.
  3. The fact that this story is from fox makes me believe troops are going to africa, but not for the reason they're specifying.. Lol
  4. The United States and China are dividing up Africa and its resources as we speak.
  5. Africa is a black hole and a huge money pit. Let them kill each other in their minor tribal disputes and lets just stay the fuck out of there.
  6. You're absolutely right, but china's the one cashing in on it big. They've been major investors in Sub-Saharan Africa for decades now. Zambia, The Congo, South Africa, and Zimbabwe are some of the most mineral rich countries on earth and China's been building their infrastructure, or at least an export infrastructure. They've already built at least 3 railways leading to the ocean in these countries.

    Seems like we're focusing on Northern Africa and the transition zone which basically only has strategic value, or at least compared to Southern Africa.

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