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takeing a piss wile high

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by PlAsId HiT, Jan 28, 2010.

  1. its a religiouse expirance in its self to me. have you ever been so backed and it feels like your cocks on fire and you cant figure out why and you think it starts bleeding? then after 15 minutes of wondering if you should call a doctor or been freaking out about it, you just realize you gota take a piss. then you go ot take a piss and your so scared to. and when you feel it about to come out, it tickles SO damn bad and when you start pissing it feels SOOOOOOO damn good.

    anyone ever have this? cuz i did last night when i was completely fucked up on some dank shit
  2. Wow. You must of been really high to forget what needing to urinate feels like.

    But yeah, it is the most relieving feeling ever.
  3. Don't mean to have a go, but maybe you've got chlamidiya. Sounds like nothing I've ever seen or heard of :(
  4. lol im pretty sure i dont have chlamidiya, i woulda had alot more seriouse symptems by now sence the last time i had sex. plus i only get that feeling when im REALLY fucked up
  5. thats fucking weird man my cock never burns when i have to take a piss, it shouldn't lol urine is stored in your bladder so when u need to take a piss you bladder feels full, no cock burn tho
  6. no no it dousent but WHEN i piss. it feels like heaven when i do piss. just like have you had to piss REALLY bad when your not high and it feels like you cant hold it any longer? well just immagane that feeling when your ARE high. thats what im talking about. your brain confuses yoru blatter pain with other pains like your cock being on fire lol
  7. The only thing that's different about peeing while high for me is that sometimes if I'm really blazed on a sativa the stream will look kinda rainbow-ish lol. Especially at the part where the pee meets the water.
  8. I have no idea what you mean by the burning feeling that you got. But taking a piss while you are on cloud 9 feels so good, you are right about that.
  9. Don't be stupid. You can have chlamydia and not show symptoms for a LONG time. Sometimes symptoms are not even noticeable. Get that shit checked, stoney.
  10. no, man.. pissing feels basically the same to me. i guess smoking weed doesnt fuck me up real bad. maybe it felt different when i first starting blazing, but that was a long time ago.
  11. yeee ganja piss is the most pleasant think! makes me feel so much lighter when i'm high and stuff
  12. Lmao, I know that EXACT feeling

    Feeling like you have to wiz feels so different high, like you can barely notice it. But when you do get it done the relief is like x1,000,000
  13. MM. this is wrong is so many senses.


    iv never had this feeling.
    I know what needing to pee feels likes. Sense Iv been doing it for 21yrs.

    for me taking a pee is always the same. I feel not like peeing anymore.
  14. feels like im taking a piss
  15. I wish i could still get this high :eek:
  16. It does feel great. Like your shooting silly string through your dick.
    It's been almost a week since I smoked, cant wait until tomarow :smoking:
  17. when im high it seems like i piss more often than sober
  18. ha thats what im talking about, you go to start pissing and it tickles and it crawls back up
  19. i once fell over while pissing, trippin on 2c-e. i peed all over my self and the bathroom.

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