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  1. Im getting some yellowing and Brown Spots (I know! It seems to be a theme around here)

    But I can figure out whats causing it.

    ppm 650
    pH 6.0-6.4
    RH 20%-40%
    Temps 89-67 (I know its high)

    Its happening to just about all of my plants. Just on random leaves. Not just the bottom ones.

    ANY THOUGHTS??????????????????????????????????????

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  2. How long, into 12/12 are the yellowing plants into again ?
  3. Some are at like a month, some are at 2 weeks.

    I found it very minor on some of my mother plants as well. Im starting to think theres a freakin disease or something in the room.

    This is really Bumming me out.

    I have a AUH#1 plant that was so lush green and Healthy and now this is starting to happen.

    This is really bumming me out.

    But thanks for showing some interest WWM.

  4. So, You have some assistance, to your woes then ?

  5. Umm no. I have no idea. However Sergio has some leaves that look exactly like mine and he says his is a phosphate problem. So Im looking into that right now.

    ANY OTHER INPUT????????????????????????
  6. Sergio is correct.....it looks like a good old phosphorous deficiency. Some worm castings, bat guano, fishmeal, blood meal(but it's slow to act) will take care of it. Miracle Grow Tomato Food as well....mix it up a little light. Tiger Bloom is another good fix...almost forgot that one.

    Watch the high temps....although they may not "physically" harm the plant, your evaporation rate is going to be quicker, so a buildup of salts can occur if you get on a heavy feed schedule. Throw a little flush in there every now and then just to keep it all cleaned out.

    Good Luck!!! :wave:
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    Actually brown rusty spots on leaves with burnt curling edges is a potassium over dose. The light yelowing of the leaves could be a need for more Nitrogen, I would suggest flushing with plain nuetral ph h2o then follow flushing with a light dose of a all around fert. peters 20-20-20 and im talking LIGHT of the fert strenth perhpas 1/4 teaspoon per gallon. Water LIGHT fert mix until there is about a 15% run off (water draining out of bottom of pot) GooD LucK

    * BTW Fertilizer deffeciency rarely cause leaf tip curl and rusty brown spots that's more of burn symtoms. Deffecient ferts. in plants have leaves that yellow, leaf stems that purple, droop, lacking vigor. You CAN have fertilizer burn and still have deffeciencies in other nutrients**

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