Take a hit, visit Azeroth...

Discussion in 'Gamer's Heartbeat' started by STARaptor, Jan 3, 2013.

  1. There's nothing better than getting high and playing WoW. Troll trade, top DPS, fuck bitches, get money.
    Who else here plays WoW :)
  2. im thinkin bout startin a new character up. u got any suggestions for race/class?
  3. Rogue, Mage, priest, or warlock. They are the most fun!
  4. used to play a few weeks ago from 4 years total playage. I gave up not because i think its a bad game or its a life ruiner i dont believe in that nonsense. More so i realized i wasnt competent enough in pvp to break 1600 ratings so i just gave up as a whole and continue to play first person shooter games. That game is actually more challenging (in a competitive player vs player way) than people give it credit for.
  5. I used to play for almost a year and a half. Had a level 70 Blood Elf Hunter. My moms BF at the time was only like 27 and I was 18 so we would drink beer and play wow together but I made the mistake of giving him my password and after they broke up he stole my account right before WOTLK game out.

    I still think its a great game and would love to get back into it but I haven't had enough time to commit to it but I plan on getting back into it one day.
  6. I play warrior and i had 2.2k rbg rating as a FC in Cata. I got MOP when it was 50% off but i haven't had the time to get into it.

    I also have a druid and mage both at 85 and a 78 dk.

    Safe to say i spent a lot of time on that game.
  7. Just started again with RaF, good stuff. MoP is pretty much a whole new game.

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