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Discussion in 'The Artist's Corner' started by Duffey, Jun 26, 2004.

  1. Ey, I do alot of graffiti, on paper/walls, ect. and I was wonderin' if there's anyone out here in GrassCity tags? Maybe we could have a Taggin' Contest, that'd be straight. So yea, if ya tag, hook it up with a pic of ya drawn out stuff on paper, somethin new, fresh, of ya tag, so yea, I'll post some of mine soon
  2. My tag name is "nyce" pronounced 'nice', here's a piece I did a week ago, I got some in my room, that was just sittin' in my bookbag that was out here in my poolhouse (i goto summer school, thats why it was in my bookbag).. so ya, check it

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  3. I've always been amazed by the tagging I see. It seems quite hard and precise. Props to anyone who does it, and does it well.
  4. yea, alot of it depends on style, doesn't matter bout all the bg effects, in fact, alot of my new work looks so ill without alot of graphics in the shit. I changed my style of the N and the E in taggin, so it's different from pic, when I go inside, i'll grab the one I made with a mention of grasscity
  5. yeah i do a little bit of tagging now and then. but im really getting into bombing and throwup

    heres something i was drawing in class the other day, im known as "mare139"

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  6. I'm also a cartoonist, so I have alot of characters of my own heh, here's 'old man' out of my notebook, I can diss out characters in minutes...

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  7. hahaha well you caught me. here is some shit i actually did the other day (bear with me i just started tagging)

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  8. Hoyl shit, you're a really good artist. Keep it up man.

    Bout the only thing I can draw is a stickman.
  9. yeah same, i have no artistic ability which sucks.

    it especially sucks because my brother is amazing at drawing/tagging/whatever so i wonder how he got the good artistic genes and i got stuck with nothing.
  10. I just completed this piece, maybe 30 minutes tops on it, has the grasscity up in the top right ya know, North Stars (northern graffiti artists) got... ECG (east coast graffiti), ya know, think of shit, like where you're from, where you're at, North Stars, I made up because Im from Stamford CT, and NY, east coast, ya know, cause im in SC now chillen, so, yea. You put these in pieces to show like, who you are, where you're from, but in 'taggers code' kinda, so, ya, check it

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  11. how long have all of you been tagging?
  12. few years
  13. ill make something tonight that'll be nothin but ill :)
  14. if you all wanna have a graffiti contest thats cool

    ill draw up a mean 3d and a 2d just for all of you

    i go under the name EAT ONE from LTS CREW

    L.A. baby

    -EAT ONE

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