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Discussion in 'General' started by shaggy69, Apr 25, 2006.

  1. i was on a munchie mission to HEB today and i noticed "TAG BODY SPRAY". they come in big cans and a tiny travel can. i had always been looking for a small, portable stink eliminator and finally found one. refillable, small, and smells great.

    i just wanted to put this out. pretty cool, eh?
  2. Sounds like all those little bottles will cost you a pretty penny, why not just buy some fabreeze?
  3. I've heard good things about ozium too.
  4. It's funny, I confuse the smell of TAG with that of bong water. Why you ask? Cause way back in the day when I smoked salvia, one thing led to another and I ended up spilling bong water on my carpet. Having no other method seeming reasonable at the time, after soaking some of the water up with paper towls I quickly sprayed a shitload of TAG over the infected area. This was the first time I ever smelled dirty bong water, and also TAG, so I have trouble distinguishing the two. I once asked my friend if he spilt bong water on himself and he told me he just started using TAG.

    Good times, I never smelt it on him again.
  5. They have sold mini sized axe cans for many years
  6. yeah, they cost around $2 per small refill. of course, i've always got a big can of oust in the house, but these things are to keep with me when i'm out and about. i'm hoping i won't have to use them enough to keep refilling them.
  7. yeah, but i've found that there are a few problems associated with axe. first of all, it gets to smell pretty gross after being around it a lot. axe also has a distinctive scent whose presence draws attention. these are just my experiences.
  8. ozium looks like some pretty heavy duty stuff.
  9. Then dont dump the shit on, im fine with the roll on and then a half second spray, i still get complimented on how good i smell when im wearing essence(probably because the shit is so overpowering when people cover themselves in the shit like in commercials)
  10. I really dont think TAG in terms is a smell "elliminator" but it sure makes you smell purdy haha
  11. Tag sucks has a deoderant cause it lasts like 2 hours and you start smelling bad. The best deoderant Ive ever tried is this stuff I got from Walmart called Powerstick - Musk and it's only $.99 cents and it works really good and smells like you have cologne on. I highly recommend it to you all.
  12. I hate when people use body sprays as deoderant.

    It's become a bad habit on my worksite. Half the time they smell like a fucking girly store and the other half they smell like sweaty ass.

    It's not called deoderant for a reason!

  13. um the thread isn't about making people smell good
  14. Mmmmm...delish! New fragrance line?

    I hate spray-on deodorant. Not just personally, but actually hated when people would use it in gym class. It is not real deodorant...ok it is, but i don't like it!
  15. ya fuck spray its nasty smellin at end day.. hah ..
  16. I use tag and axe all the time to get the smell of MJ off of me. It's cheap and it works, but I use roll on everyday too. So I'm smellin fine all damn day:smoking:
  17. 60% of the time...it works every time! :D

  18. 70% of the time for me...it works every time.

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