Taco Bell 5$ Box

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mөsh, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. It's pretty amazing.
    Still not as good as getting 3 chicken quesadillas with Baja Blast :hello:
  2. my favorite of the box is the taco supreme, fucking DELICIOUS. the burrito supreme is alright but I don't usually eat burritos unless i go to Moe's. uhhh, the chicken flatbread was too spicy for me (i'm a bitch), but the cinnamon twists were good. i wasn't expecting them to be crunchy like that, i was kinda hoping they were more like churros but they were good nonetheless.

    i'll have to try the gordita crunch the next time i go
  3. I'm not crazy about the cinnamon twists, I wonder if you can substitute them for something else.
  4. BEAN BURRITO AND TACOS FTWWWWWWW yummmm with hot sauce yummm

  5. not to bash on ny, I'm not a fan of the thin crust, Chicago or philly is where its at
  6. Taco Bell is fucking GArbage I'd rather eat what I make for my dog, and it's dog food...
  7. Ugh, get healthy people, stop eating nastyass fast food.
  8. i think fast food has drugs in them i am fiendin for taco bell
  9. Yep, I am convinced as well.
  10. God damn taco bell and their cinnamon twists...

    I can't even eat one of them because of how stupid and nasty they are.
  11. Get off your high horses of healthy food already. Taco bell is gods gift to stoners. Just dont eat it everyday and you'll be fine.

    Bring back the Bell Beefer!!!
  12. Havent had taco bell in a couple of years. Bojangles and cook out are the best fast food places by far.
  13. no, taco bell is disgusting.

  14. i don't think it is a superiority complex, i think a lot of people just don't want shit for a meal
  15. u have shit for a name:p
  16. I've liked some variations of the 5$ box, but I've noticed that they have started to slowly but surely skimp out on the things you get. I also can't stand the cinnamon twists and always end up giving them away or throwing them out.
  17. I used to like these when I used to get fast food all the time like, 2 years ago. These have been around for a long time if I remember right? Maybe they changed it or something but the same idea.

    They used to be the FOTM promotion item or whatever and a burrito with nachos and twists, which is a lot of greasy food for 5$.

    I usually just go to the grocery store and buy shit anymore, but when I do get fast food it's taco bell, cause in and out isn't a real thing around here.
  18. I'd much rather just buy 5 chicken flatbreads. Those hoes go hardddddd.
  19. I'd rather get subway, more healthy than Taco Bell and for 5, you get 2 meals technically :hello:

    anything not beef at taco bell I can fuck with occasionally If I am drunk
  20. It's great I prefer a fruit salad that tastes incredible
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