Taco Bell 5$ Box

Discussion in 'Real Life Stories' started by mөsh, Sep 24, 2010.

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  1. Best invention ever, who agrees?
  2. lol, i work there, alot of people order them. i never tried the total box yet
  3. I LOVE taco bell but have never tried the box. I'm still addicted to the 5 layer beefy burrito (mmm i'm hungry)
  4. There is a special at the Taco Bell near me, currently 12 tacos for 8$.. THAT'S a deal.

    But yeah, 5$ box is soo legit. :smoking:

    Did they get rid of the bacon chalupa at anyone else's Taco Bell? :( Because they did at ours.. Was my favourite. :cry:
  5. Volcano nachos ftw, and 7 layer burrito with the hottest hot sauce taco house has... Taco Hell... Taco bell <--- there we go:hello:
  6. I love the $5 buck box
  7. Five dollar buck box?
  8. haha it came out like 9 months ago but ya its bomb, but so is everything at taco bell
  9. we still have the bacon club chalupa and the ceesy gordita crunch box and now the chicken flat bread sandwich

  10. I could literally eat like six or seven of those right now:smoking:
  11. :laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing::laughing:
  12. i haven't tried it yet, i was planning on hitting up the bell this weekend
  13. I preferred it when it was the cheesy gordita crunch instead
  14. never had it. what comes with the 5 DOLLA BOX?
  15. that bean burrito sucks in the box though. That is the only thing I would change.
  16. cheesey gordita crunch is the best thing on that menu. if youve never tried one, then you havent lived.

    also, mini quesadillas are good and cheap, just cheese though.
  17. Fuck the box if I'm at the bell I'm way too fucked up to care about the price. Three cheesy gordita crunches. (preferably with bacon if you can convince them the olddeal is still going) and a large baja blast. Add pizza hut breadsticks and hard shell tacos as needed
  18. double decker tacos all the way baby! *drool*
  19. yo quiero taco bell
  20. I've never tried taco bell, kfc, mcd, burger king or pizza hut (only fast food chains I know) xD
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