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Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by Cornflake, Jun 29, 2004.

  1. How bad is it to smoke 3-4 cigs a day? I don't smoke often and I'm sure I'll give it up (again) by the end of the summer but right now it's so easy to just roll myself a smoke. I have such a low tolerance that a full cigarette is more than enough for me to get an amazing body buzz. I was just wondering how bad this is for me, despite the fact that cigarettes are evil death sticks.

    I have no self control, but it's so easy.
  2. filterless = bad. That's probably like 10 cigs a day.
  3. tobacco is groady.
  4. shit, i'm too cheap for filters i only use little cardboard ones. looks like im a 2 pack a day smoker then.
  5. filterless owns.
  6. "Tobacco is wacco." Haha

  7. your lungs
  8. i dont like cigs when im high but when im drunk.... ill smoke a shit load

    so if you havent tryed cigs when your drunk try them there great!
  9. cigs are groady
  10. can anyone tell me the point of cigs cause I really just dont see the pleasure in it at all. I smoked for like the second time yesterday and it just had no good effects

    Do people actually enjoy the first few cigs before the addiction kicks in to the point where you need them????
  11. i smoke once and a while, ussually only after i toke. i'm not addicted to them and i actually do enjoy them. you may be smoking some cheap ass cig like newports or kools or some shit. try a Camel Jade.
  12. Shit man I am addicted. But who gives a flying fuck anyways right.
    In the words of denise leary " They'er never going to get us to qiute because we are addicted. They could make the whole pack a blck warning label and we would still smoke. The could make ciggerates calld tumers and smokers would be smoking them like 'num num num num i can wait to get a tumer num num num'"

    My favorite thing to do is smoke a joint take two or three shots of ice 101 and smoke a ciggerate and watch aqua teen hunger force or someother show or movie and sit and laugh while I'm all fucked up.
    I too smoke many ciggerates when I'm drunk.
  13. dude, filterless does own. give me a pack of lucky strike non-filters any day. i don't mind the fact that it kills me faster because eventually i'll get to a stage in my life when i won't be cheefin the reef anymore. you know, all those people that cheef the reef and then they stop. if i kill myself slowly with filterless cigarettes then i won't spend very much time in the shitty "i'm too mature for pot" phase. it all makes sense to me anyway.
  14. i hope i dont go through that "i'm too mature for pot" phase. but i may have to if i end up getting a government job after college. but i'll have 4 years to worry about that :)
  15. For the record, marijuana introduces far more tar into your lungs than cigarettes, however cigarettes have some other nasty shit and cause cancer.

  16. which is why i smoke natural tobacco with no additives to cut down on all that extra shit.
  17. I hate cigarettes. I smoke nearly 2 packs a day and hate every moment of my life while I'm smoking a cig. I'd love to quit but just can't, I become a huge prick when I don't have my nicotine and tend to eat twice as much. One day I'm just going to say "fuck it" and stop cold turkey...I'm just worried about how I'll act towards other people. I'm only 19 and I feel like I have the lungs of an 80 year old man. It's definately a habit I wish I never picked up. Quiting is so hard, it's almost unreal. A day without weed is easy, a day without cigs is a nightmare.

    They are fun with alcohol though
  18. i love cigarettes, they can bad for you, but so is everything in some amount, i smoke too many cigarettes, but i dont care

  19. Yikes. 2 packs a day is a LOT.
  20. theres nothing better then a nice hot cig, cig of choice-Export A Blue. Nice rush, nice mild-medium smoke. I don't see why people smoke cigars. Had one last night, cherry flavoured, but i guess it's just fun to chill on it. Thers nothing better then chillin on a colt 45, a half pack of smokes and 2 g's, thats a good couple hours there boyssss. "Colt 45, and 8 zig zags, baby thats all i need........"

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