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Tabacco Tea as Pesticide?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by MoreBudzForMe, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Ive read in numerous gardening sites that one can make a tabacco tea and spray as a pesticide, my question is can I use this on marijuana plants?

    And if you have any experience with using it, what was your reciepe?

    I once heard that it had to be boiled to kill some virus. Just asking for clearer info. Thanks guys.:cool:
  2. It works, but you want to boil it so your plant doesn't get the tobacco mosaic virus. I've only done it a couple times and I didn't measure anything. Just soak a bunch of butts in water, then take them out and boil the water for a little while.
  3. How long should I soak, I hear some say 1 cup tobacco to a gal water for 24hr then some say 30 mins? what amount of time is best?
  4. Keevan "I just got what looks to be a great recipe for first round of insect warfare...my source is a local friend of mine (big time organic farmer/gardner; wiccan; environmentally uberfriendly):
    chewing tobacco tea (red man works best)
    1 tsp dish doap
    2 TBS minced garlic or garlic juice

    get chewing tobacco -- brew tea with it. really. imagine you are making tea but substitute the chewing tobacco. let it steep for several minutes. red man works best because the tobacco leaves are larger but any chewing tobacco will work.

    after you've steeped the tea, remove the tobacco leaves, to the tobacco tea liquid add the soap and garlic juice. mix well.

    use a spray bottle and spritz the infected plants. you should see results in less than two days. works well on most insects from aphids to apple worms."

    From another forum, thanks keevan.

    Edit: found another reseipe that appealed to me :

    1 cup vegtable oil
    1 tablespoon dish soap

    then mix 1.5 teaspoons of concentrat with 1 cup of water

    I was just thinking, would it be a good Idea to mix the 1.5 teaspoons concentrat with 1 cup tobacco tea, or would that cause the tobacco tea to stick for too long?
  5. You are seriously going to spray your plants with a cigerette butt tea?? Thats so wrong and degrading on so many levels. Go to the store and get some organic pesticide, or better yet make your own. Garlic, olive oil, lemon juice, and many more house hold items work great for pest (and fungus) control.
  6. not the butts, the tabacco leaf.

    Tabacco tea has been uused as a pesticide for a lond time, it what got made tabacco for not smoking. Degrading???? maybe with the butts i see, but still if its not near harvest time, whats the deal, it is organic.
  7. I was referring to what spuds n buds said about the cigerette butts.
  8. i used this mixture when i had mites and was broke, like 1 qt water and 5 cigarettes(or butts w/o ash)

    it seemed to work alright,it had repeled the mites enough for about a week untill i was able to get neem oil and really kill them

    if i diddnt use it, im sure my kush would of been ko'd by those little bastards

    just make sure, once your done spraying, after it sits a couple mins, then mist it all off with cold water, then give the plant a shake or whatever, to get excess shit off

    what ive read anyway..

  9. At what age or size is it safe to give plants any kind of pesticide?

    Edit: and I really appreciat you guys responding, thanks guys.
  10. i was a week and a half into flowering, just forming flowers, when i got mites and sprayed my plants down, neem oil is safe to use as well as its natural and break down naturally

    if you have pests, best to deal with them in veg stage before flowering as once you have buds forming and you spray the plant, you run the risk of bud rot etc
  11. Tobacco water or tobacco dust juice is a traditional organic insecticide used in domestic gardening.

    A list of several organic pesticides from New Mexico State University - Cooperative Extension Service:
  12. Newby to this all, but on my first 3 grows, I've always used red pepper flakes, dish soap & water in a spray bottle. Has worked for me everytime & all of my grows are in an outside grow room.
  13. I just added the 1 cup tobacco to 1 gal. It's says to let it sit for 24 hrs, or until light brown. Mine was dark brown by the time I filled the jug. So I guess I am going to use this as a concentrate and mix with water so it is light brown, boil, add to sprayer. Use once a week as needed.

    Was thinking of adding the dish soap too. Idk that might be over stressing for the plant. I have not used it yet but I would advise a very light mix.

    Would love to hear from someone who lives by it. I wanna use the right amount which is small IMO. Let know if am wrong please!

    Cheers, b420
  14. I would "not" use tobacco as a pesticide or anything to do with your plants. It will give ur plants the tmv, head over to this thread it will help u understand why not to use it. Imo http://forum.grasscity.com/index.php?/topic/623147-Tobacco-Mosaic-Virus--(TMV)--pics-and-info
  15. I would boil it but imma check it out thanks
  16. If you spray it on the buds, won't it affect flavor?
  17. I can see where one would and should be leery about tobacco tea. I'm not saying my position just stating the way I see issue as a whole.

    If you are one that advocates its use, the other side sees you this way: "people need to stop telling people to use this because it affects many growers should you not make the tea properly and infect who knows how many operations! Most people just hear about it or read the first few lines and sees that the last step is boil....says f#*k it I need to use it now."

    If you are one that advocates to NEVER even attempt to make tobacco tea, the other side sees you as: I think the majority probably use the tea long before reading about TMV or ever hearing your cry to halt.

    Thankfully there are many you that get the word out. I can understand both sides. If you can get someone to read about the virus and how it can infect grows like a contagion, and jumps from grow to grow, all because a dude made some bauched tea. It doesn't discriminate and spreads easily.

    I don't hold a side on this one. Lets just say I'm smart enough to not use any un-sterile near my grow. Being a nerd and going to collage in the south I had heard of TMV. If you did read this boring morning post of mine, if you are not 100% sure you know how to make/use it safely, don't use it at all. Go to the store.

    So yea....damn garbage truck just showed up. Guess ill load a bowl and get my bin. Cheers
  18. I would think so. If you are using a light mix that is truly mostly water, doesn't take much "T" to make effective tobacco tea. So I'm doubting it would be highly noticeable if at all. Especially since you are using it only one a week, water or other teas wash it down between treatments.

    For anyone reading this....Just read up on Tobacco M. Virus or TMV. Garden safely please. Oh, and make it stop raining here. Fungus gnats are a MF'r. LoL. Cheers

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