T5s, How many is too many?

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  1. So I ordered 11- T5 HO 2ft single bulb light fixtures, which include a 6400k bulb.  Each fixture produces 2000 lumens, 22000 lumens in total. My grow area is 3'L x 2'W x 6'H, and I have a shelf I can easily remove to increase the height to 8' if needed. I will have a light fixture: 1 on my door [vertically], 2 on each side wall [vertically], 3 on my back wall [horizontally], and 3 on my shelf/ ceiling (if need be); they will be placed very strategically. 
    I do plan on eventually installing a few more lights, which can easily be done since I wired in a circuit (15 amps) independently for these lights. Having each fixture drawing an insignificant amount of power (0.4 Amps) I can add on effortlessly. Or will this be too many?
    Also, I can have a safe maximum of 37 fixtures on this circuit (although likely not safe in my closet) but I can connect these lights in series to a maximum of 8 in a series, 4 series of 8 lights and single series of 5 lights.
    But all aside, do you think 11 of these lights is enough for a single plant? or is it to much?
    I can't see them producing a tremendous amount of heat (nothing compared to an HID) but we will find out once I have everything in operation
    P.s I will be using the 6400k bulbs for veg and I will be replacing 8 of the bulbs to 2700k during flowering. 
    I do prefer quality over quantity, but along with quality, the quantity with it, simply makes me that much more cheerful.   
    Have a pleasant evening & thank you to all who reply.

  2. Sorry Bud, the 2 foot version of the T5 is just crap, better is the 4ft with 6-8 ..54w tubes strapped to it, is just a great light machine, hang in a closet on chains and adjust daily, keep the tips to within 2 inches of the tubes and keep a fan in their too.
    You could double up on these 2 ft units, so you have 4 of them, but the cost would be too much I think
    Plants never get enough light pile in 20 tubes if you think it will fit, just keep the air at 75f/25c 

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