T5 then switch to 1000 watt HPS

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  1. I have 3 female clones that i have been vegging under a T5 HO and 4 23 watt CFL's they are now about 13' tall and im planning on flowering them under a 1000 watt HPS that i got from a friend for free. Will that strong of a light burn my plants? Will they stretch too much? I grow in Soil
  2. Two plum haze. One Alaskan Thunderfuck
  3. They would love that much light as long as there are no associated heat issues.
  4. ok is two oz's per plant unrealistic?
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    3 plants, 1000 watts, average gardening procedure, you should most likely see over a pound of dried, badass buds . im thinking 5-8 ounces per plant when all is said and done.

    edit- re-reading your post i now realised you are growing clones. i know nothing about clones and how they grow compared to plants grown from seed. may be a difference in yields and quality, but really, i dont know or care. good luck.
  6. wow more than i expected off of 3 plants. Ill share the final yeild when i have it im starting flowering in a week
  7. ya that much light and only 3 plants... i would do some extra long vegging and lots of training untill there canopies can cover the whole space you could get a monster load of buds off a lady with the right amount of TLC

    they will veg just fine under the HPS too
  8. stress training?
  9. If they are 13' tall then I think you vegged too long. Sorry I had to :p

    Anyway, like Jones said, as long as you can vent out the heat, the more light the better.
  10. how much longer should i veg?

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