t5 lumens and closet veg space

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  1. looking at some t5 for lighting a closet that will hold 6 clones for a three week veg period. they will then be transferred to the flowering space which has a 430 watt hps.

    veg space has to be able to maintain proper temps virtually on its own. that is why i figure t5's.

    any advice on how many lumens for 6 plants growing straight up (no lst), getting to be about a foot tall?? the closet space is about 4x4x8.
  2. I would get a 4 bulb fixture at least. Will a 48" fixture fit in there or will you have to get a 24"?
    I have 6 seedlings under a 4 bulb HO t5 24" right now. I think this will just be enough for the veg. If not I plan to add at least 2 cfls along the sides.
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    ok turns out i eyed up the space terribly...it's only 2.5x3 (roughly)

    a 48 inch will not fit unless i go lengthwise but i'm pretty sure that will waste a lot of light.

    so with 8 square feet (roughly) i figure 22,000 lumens FOR VEGGING ONLY!!

    htg supply has a 10k lumen fixture...maybe two of those?? for $70 each??
  4. Sounds like you are stuck like me.. In a little space but want a lot of light for cheap. Looks like 24" HO or VHO bulbs for you. How about a 6 or 8 fixture?
  5. if you get t5's get dual or single fixtures so you can mount them vertically at some later juncture or in conjunction with that 450

    ditto on the 4 bulbs. I have a 24" 6 bulb setup and it runs hot. with 2 bulbs out it runs much, much cooler. Then they are all fixed in a panel. If I could use those bulbs individually it would be SO much better.

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