T5 4 foot, 4 bulb for less than 150???

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  1. Im gonna hopefully be setting up/growing my own medical here finally... But i was wondering if anyone knew any sites, or any one in CO knews of a place selling T5 4 foot 4 bulb fixtures w/ bulbs for cheap, otherwise i may go with the 135$ deal i found hahahaha
  2. Id go with your deal....sounds like a great buy for that price.
  3. you could get a 400 watt hid for less...119$ htg..
  4. those are nice...good find buddy.
  5. ^^ interesting, i'll admit, i know next to nothing about different lights, like i understand light...and what the different kinda of bulbs produce, but not how to use them efficiently for the spectrum they produce....whats the difference between T8 and T5.... i cant see any difference except...T8 is cheaper hahahahahhaa
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    t8 are an older model. where a t5 is 16 watts to prduce a certin amount of light t8 is 20 watt. (based on a 24" light) thats the only difference. dont use t5 bulbs in a t8 balast. the light will blow and if you use a t8 bulb in a t5 fixture it will not light properly. one last peice of advise. try and get 2 sets of bulbs. 6500k is great for vegging as the color temp (6500k) is better suited to that task and 2700k for flower. this adds a bit to the overall price but it will help the results. you dont need to buy the 2700k right away, but you will need them when you are ready to flower. :wave:
  7. actually that is good advice, but save some money and go full spectrum instead of buying two different set's of bulb's..
    mix them with 6500k and 3000k this will give you a full spectrum wich is the very best you can do indoor's veg or flower..full spectrum is alway's best over one or the other..plus you could grow start to finish this way without changing any bulb's..
  8. never thought of that...thanks....WAY TO GO TEAM.......lololololololol:cool:

  9. Interesting, i heard full spectrum isn't as good, maybe those a rejust full specrtum bulbs tho, not creating a full spectrum by using both types.... Didnt even cross my mind!!! Im still designing my set up so any input works hahaha.
  10. I'm a fan of full spectrum too. At least for flower, but I like to add a little 2700 sometimes in my veg room.
  11. yea im so split, there are just so many options...and i keep discovering more, easier shit, which makes all previous planning useless hahaha, I think i may hit up some LST where its curled around the pot...i guess, or Sea of Green...with a chicken wire support to make it super bushy....
  12. There are regular T5's and T5 High Output. T5 HO is the one's you want since they're so much more efficient (more lumens per watt).

    But flourescent lighting has nothing on the kind of penetration and efficiency you get from Metal Halide and High Pressure Sodium lights.
  13. ^^ im reading bout that man, yea seeing as in most cases i can just pop them in this secret place outdoors for spring flowering, i wont really need to worry about heat as much, and in winter with HPS or MH they produce heat so my 10-30 degree garage wont be an issue inside the grow box
  14. If heat isn't a problem, I would highly suggest MH/HPS then.

    High Tech Garden Supply As you can see there are many choices. The cheapest are here but if you have the extra cash, I would get a digital ballast.

  15. well the best possible light you can get is the sun....
    sunlight is full spectrum..
    but plant's use mainly blues and red's out of that sunlight or full spectrum light..
    so tech 6500k and 3000k mixed is not a true full spectrum , but makes the best of both the spectrum's that plant's use the most out of that full spectrum...
    using both in a mix like that is best for any stage....hand's down...

    full spectrum bulb's are no good compared to mixing the actual spectrum's...those bulb's are usually around 4500-5200k range...
    they say there full spectrum but that's bs..
    closer to a blue than anything on the color temp..

    now hid's are a different ball game..lol
    new mh coversion bulb's are nasty bad ass...the have more red's than normal mh bulb's but all that blue..
    but still, one mh and one hps is unreal for result's...
    i run 3 400's in my flower room, you bet your ass as soon as one bulb goes out the center light will be replaced with the mh conversion bulb or new hps full spectrum bulb..

    regardless of what you go for...if you want the best bang for your buck...get an hps...
    htg does f'n rock..
  16. ^^ yea, the only issue is the heat from those lights in summer.... cause ill have to have enough venting to keep it cool, then come winter it will be way too fucking cold.... my garage hits below 0 a lot at night in winter
  17. wow that's some crazy climate man..
    well you know what that mean's...your going to have to insulate, air tight, and well vent to control the enviornment....
    so more $$$ in that respect..
    but thats the only thing you can do...shit i have several thousand in it...just wait lol
    if you want successfull indoor grow's , you got to spend real money...500-600$ into it, your grow start's looking something nice..
  18. i have an insulated closet in my garage already where its gonna go down, air/light sealing it will be simple as pie, it also back up to the water heater room so the back wall brings some heat in but no where near enough for dead night of winter. luckily its fucking dry here so humidity isnt as much of an issue for the mold and what not.... But its all in the works still. My only issue is, inorder to vent for summer....i have to make it so in winter it will be brutal cold in there..... am i gonna have to do some swapping from summer/winter for some things...cause if the vent sytem is pulling in freezing cold air...but it needs to be veneted...im kinda sol on that hahahha
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