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  1. Hey so I was pescribed a good 100 T3's last year for a minor surgery I had and have about 2 bottles left. Is there anyway to get a good trip out of these without taking a shit load? If I take about 4 at a time I get a major body buzz but always feel quite sick afterwards. Any advice?
  2. cold water extraction.
  3. ^ Listen to this man.
  4. Hey Ryan,

    You suck. Its Dave. I'll help you do the CWE for some codeine. :D!
  5. Take an antihistamine before you take the pills, it'll help with the nausea and itchiness.
  6. Well if your good at cold water extracting then do that. I prefer to just munch 4 down after not eating for like 10 hours, then smoking bud on it and it feels great. I suck at cweing though ( because one time I cwe'd 7 t3s and it was about the same as eating 4 for me )

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