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    I have 2 old T12 fluorescent lamps they have big ass bulbs,68 watts each lamp.... enough to grow with?
  2. depends. How long are they? if they are 4fters you could veg under them . However, i wouldn't suggest trying to flower with them. They would bud but i the quality of the smoke will probably compromised with the lack of lumen.
  3. your biggest problem is if you blow a bulb, where do you get replacement bulbs? t12s are obsolete. i would just update to a t5 or cfl. old flourecents usally are not much good . If they work at all , they dont last by my experience with them anyways.
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    lol @ t12s are obsolete. Dude.. You couldnt be more wrong.
    Go to Home Depot or Lowes and look in the florescent lighting section
    there are tons of t12 tubes 2ft 4ft and i even think some 8ft.
    I know for sure the 2 and 4ft ones are there.
    I bought a 10 pack of 6500k 40watt t12 tubes for 12 bucks about a month ago.
    Here are some pictures of my t12s in action.
    They work great for me. I haven't replaced a tube yet and they have ran 18/6 for over a year. I only bought the 10 packs cause they were on sale when i was up there :D

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