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T0tallyDan's Dank FL Pickups

Discussion in 'Marijuana Stash Box' started by T0tallyDan, Feb 12, 2010.

  1. What up GC? Made a pickup thread for all the dank nug I pick up in Central Florida.
    Updates often!

    Im gunna start from a few months ago and work my way to tonights pickup when it gets here.

    Starting from around October. Here is some Lemon Kush.

    The Mothership

    Some different noname strains.

  2. These is my most recent pickups.

    I believe this was called Sugardaddy

    Cant remember what this was.

    Some noname

    This was some real hairy noname. Best smoke Ive had in a while.

    Some leafy stuff. Alot better than it looks. Real skunky and knocked me on my ass.

    And here is an eighth I got last night.
  3. Wheres the love guys?
  4. dank buds dude. good shit
  5. Nice man. Good to see another central floridian with some nice buds.
  6. the macros are awesome my friend! thats what im talkin about reppin o town!
  7. Wow. That's some really nice bud :smoke:
  8. Wow man, I just scrolled blissfully down the page as I gazed at beauty. Yellow hairs man? Insane.
  9. Thanks guys

    Actually, ALL of this bud came out of O-Town. Haha


    Ugh, and my main connect got arrested comin back from O-Town pickin up a few bows. Now everyone else wants either a front or 400+ for an oz
  10. #10 T0tallyDan, Feb 14, 2010
    Last edited by a moderator: Feb 14, 2010
    Double post, but its my thread, and its 4:20 AM. Gon go smoke a cig and go to bed

    EDIT: I wonder if I can roll a cig, drunk.
    EDITEDIT: Yes I can, and I dropped the air freshner and broke it :[ and totally smoked that cig like a joint for some reason, and I had myself believeing it was a joint until I remembered it was a cig.
    EDITEDITEDIT: Goodnight GC
  11. Damn Nice buds bro! Best bud i've found here was Sour Diesel, Trainwreck, Blue Power and Blue Dream well atleast thats what they named them! Shit was Fiiiiiiire GL with them buds and take a hit for me jaja...Reppin Otown thats whats up!
  12. Haha, Sour D, Northern Lights, and Trainwreck come through my town so much its not even good bud anymore lolol. Im hopin for a DANNKNKNKNKNKNKN nugget pickup tonight.
    Happy Valentines Day GC <3:gc_rocks::gc_rocks::gc_rocks::love:

    [ame=]YouTube - Lynguistics - Cunninlynguists[/ame]
  13. dam dude you get some good lookin bud, im from the central florida area ive come across some decent bud but everyone around here is slackin nowadays cant find any good no more
  14. I know man, its pissin me off. ive been smoking mids for like a month.
  15. heres some love
    now pass me some bud
    im on a weet buying break
    it SUCKS
    i'm so jealous of everyones pickupss
  16. awesome pictures man.

    threads like this make me hungry.....
  17. Thanks man.

  18. Dam yeah that's what I've been finding, I just picked up some good yesterday but only a half track that was the last bit he had, its depressing, seems like that big bust has hurt my side of town pretty bad
  19. Sick pictures, keep up the dank pick-ups.
  20. Ive found a lead on some dank. Ill be trying it within the next few days.

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