1. That is what I grow with. I have a 4000k and a 3000k. One light is good for one plant. Two is almost too much for two plants. They potentiate. I know nothing about lights. V2 and 301b is all I know. That is what I have and they are just superb. You run them high, they are not focused blasters.
  2. In a small tent that will rock your plants. I probably wouldn't go bigger than a 2x2 tent though. A 3x3 tent would be pushing the spread on a single board like that, even though it says 3x3 and 4x4 in description.
    Just going from a 2x2 to a 3x3 means a greater than doubling of square footage. 4 to 9
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  3. You don't have to max the whole tent. You only grow in the prime footprint. Room to rotate is beneficial. 1/4 turn everytime you look. I'm always looking for a new angle.
  4. I want it but did u see they’re coming out with rspecs for 180 on the 15th

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  5. I was looking into getting this for my next grow but I’d have to shell out almost $600 for two sets. I’ve got a 4’x4’ tent so I’ve got to go with 2.

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  6. IMG_1253.JPG they’re about to drop these for 180 I would buy it but I’m gonna buy another setup so it ain’t worth it atm to me nice tho, I love the RSPEC deep reds
  7. Niemi generally cheaper than HLG? Any major differences?

  8. Same diodes not sure
  9. Yeah I'm not gonna even fit into my damn tent pretty soon lol! I maxed the space out, already wondering if it was the right move.
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  10. Max it out more product im a avid smoker thats my thought
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  11. The good thing about 4x4 or smaller is you can typically reach any plant easily with a watering can.
    I maxed out my 6x6 and now I'm wishing I had longer arms haha!!
    Thankfully I have multiple doors or I'd be screwed lol!
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  12. I just got 6 of the HLG qb96Elites and im really excited to build them. Im sure Niemi is pretty identical.
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  13. Niiiiice! I am itching to try those....
  14. Going to run the 6 off of (3) HLG-320H-54A drivers 2 to each driver. Im excited I know its going to be an upgrade to the 2 1200w viparspectras I have now.

  15. Upgrade is an understatement
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  16. Here's my plants when they were under only 17W/sq ft of QB lighting. The lights were lowered, but still....



    You're laughing buddy.......LAUGHING!!

    Mwahahahahahahaha! Lmao!
  17. I hope it makes a difference going from a mars 300 og to that Niemi 130w qb

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  18. Here’s my plants right now week 5 of flower. Under 2 Viparspectra 1200ws. Still not too bad. White widow in current culture hydro. This is my first grow ever. It’s been in the works for 2 years now. I finally felt comfortable enough and knowledgeable enough to start growing. So bought everything and got started in April. Next grow which is gelato I have these new lights built for which is coming up. Going to plant gelato seeds in 2 more weeks.

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