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    Welcome to my Grow Journal/1st Grow

    Grow Cabinet: 2x2x4

    Lights: CFL - 164 Watts Veg - 162 Watts Flower
    (Veg is a mix between 4 26w 6500k & 2 30w 4100k)
    (Flower will be done completely with 6 27w 2700k)

    Medium: Soil - FoxFarms Ocean Forest

    # of Plants
    : 2

    Seeds: Bag Seed (Both plants are different bag seed)

    Training: LST

    : Molasses

    Mylar or Painted Walls: Mylar

    Grow Cab:

    Temps run about mid 80's throughout day.


    Passive Intake Holes (3)

    Cord Runoff

    Look Inside

    Another Look Inside



    Plant 1 (18 Days Old - Sep. 14th)


    Plant 2 (3 Days Old - Sep. 14th)


    As you can see, I started my journal a little late. But better than never. This will be my first grow ever.

    Any questions, ask.

    I will try to update this thread with pics every 3 days or so.

    Comments appreciated.


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  2. Hey 21, looks like you are well on your way to making what will likely be some of the best bud you have ever had...

    The girl looks a little droopy, over-watered maybe? I'm sure she will perk back up though. I didn't see you mention ventilation anywhere, got any plans in that direction?

    Overall it looks like a very solid start.

  3. Yeah, it was droopy, it was just transplanted from being in a pot that was too small. But now it has perked right up for the most part.

    Ventilation, I have a fan that pushes 150 CFM, like I said, temps stay mid 80's. 3 passive air intakes. Far as smell a made a DIY carbon scrubber out of a coffee can and some other things, hopefully when it smells enough I will see if it will work.
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    Update Time:

    Plant 1 - Day 21 - Sep. 17th




    Plant 2 - Day 6 - Sep. 17th



    So far his leaves have been growing weird. They seem to come out like almost half gone looking, but then get bigger. But like I said, just looks weird.

    The first plant was watered last night with a half a gallon of water.

    The second one got about a cup of water.

    Temp right now is 84. Humidity 45%

    See ya in another 3.

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  5. Hi All.

    Plant 1 - Day 24 - Sep. 20th





    Plant 2 - Day 9 - Sep. 20th


    Temp In Box: 84

    Humidity: 42%

    The next time I water, the first plant will get it's first dose of molasses. Probably tomorrow. Should also be starting LST tomorrow. Been putting it off...Haha. But yeah...

    The second plant is looking much better and the newer growth looks normal unlike it's old growth.

    Everything seems to be on track.


    Next Update: Sep. 23rd

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  6. looking toward to your grow. im in the first stages of the lst and molasses project on 4 femed trainwrecks.

    good luck and happy growing.
  7. Yeah...I've put off LSTing for so long that I'm kinda scarred I did it for too long.

    But I should be starting it tonight once I figure out how to go about it.
  8. Looking great man! Best of Luck!

    -Kyung Yi
  9. nice set up there,
    best of luck with the lst`in
  10. ]

    Yup, yup. Appreciate the comment. Hopefully it goes well.


    LSTing probably tonight.
  11. I'm interested in starting a grow just like this (CFL, 2 plants, closet :p). I have just about everything in order, but I'm curious as to why people put them into refelective-lined boxes? Is it the Eye in the Sky? Better heating/cooling of the box?
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    Helps reflecting the light back towards the plant. You can also paint the walls a flat white.
  13. Update Time....Ooooh Yeah

    Plant 1 - Day 28 - Sep. 24th




    Plant 2 - Day 13 - Sep. 24th




    The Family


    So, I transferred Plant 2 into the bigger container yesterday I believe and also started LSTing Plant 1. It is doing great so far.

    Temp In Box: 87
    Humidity: 40%

    As soon as Plant 2 grows some more, and I'm able to LST it a little, I will be switching to 12/12. Pretty excited.


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  14. Their both looking really healthy, and your setup is really good too. I might start growing, and if I do, i'd probably use your setup idea. It seems like you know what your doing. I'm curious as to see what the bud on plant one will look like. Plant two looked off at first, but as it's growing it looks pretty good. Keep up the good work, and keep us updated :)
  15. Nice to know it inspires a little. But I know a little, but I'm always learning still.

    I really hope they turn out to be female. The first one has been growing more and more everyday and the 2nd one is looking great. I've LST'd the 1st plant even more.

    Picture update will be coming tomorrow. :smoking:
  16. Can't wait until the new picture updates. I'm not an experienced grower or anything, my best friend had 8 plants growing in his bathroom before, and I was mainly the one who would water them, and take care of them often. Seems like your doing your part. What do you plan to do, once they get bigger? is your setup big enough?
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    The total height a plant could go in my box is close to 3ft. But I'm LSTing them to keep them short. If you don't know what LST is, it is a way to train the plant. You pretty much tie it down.

    Heres a link with a far better explanation of the process:

  18. Oh, i see now. Thanks, I never knew what that was, all of these terms used on here are new to me. I'm not an experienced grower, but once I'm out of this house and on my own, i'm probably going to attempt to grow a plant or two, and than once I'm more experienced probably more and more.
  19. Yeah. Right now I only have 2 plants going, but once I get another exhaust fan (Or during Winter), I will have 4 plants going. In the winter it will be cold enough to just have my window open and it will keep the room cold and the box will be perfect. Thats when I will be hitting my big yields hopefully.
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    Lil behind on the update, late night at my girls

    Anyways...Pic Time

    Plant 1 - Day 32 - Sep. 28th





    Plant 2 - Day 17 - Sep. 28th




    So far, so good. Trying to keep it simple. Haha.

    Temp In Box: 82
    Humidity: 32%

    I plan on switching to 12/12 in 2 weeks. Would make Plant 1 46 days old from sprout. And Plant 2 would be 31 days old from sprout. Can't wait....

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