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T Break

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by RushTheG, Dec 26, 2009.

  1. How do you guys hold off on T breaks? I just went a week without blazing but I just found myself gettin a very nice quad and I just took one hit and I am so high. It is insane what a week does to you though because I am faded off one hit off my bong! :hello:

    And it normally would take me p5 to get high now I feel high off just a snap! I think T breaks are actually a good idea now and after tonight I am gonna go on another since it will help me with working out and not smoke cigs.

    But how do you guys keep your mind off weed? I found it very hard the first few days and I got over it but as soon as I get invited to smoke some dank I just can't turn it down. And then when I get free bud I can't just keep it in my room like right now, I have to smoke it and now my 1 week long T break is ruined.

    Wow I am rambling and I am high as a motherfucker.:smoking:
  2. i tease myself by lookin at dank pics in the pick up and grow journals while having a blunt in my mouth and a nug taped to my nose.

    nah but for real, i just don't think about it. never affects me at all. i guess i'm lucky :confused_2:
  3. I never have a problem with it. I think about it but it's not hard to refrain.
  4. not very well, i smoke before is sleep each night so i can never sleep without....
  5. Not very well, I miss it more and more everyday.
  6. If it's hard for you to go a week or two without weed, you are the type of person who would benefit most from taking a break. It is my belief that a person should be able to function without weed. I agree that a person should be able to smoke whenever they please, but if you find it difficult to function without constantly thinking about it or feeling tempted, you are not occupying your time with enough activities and it would be healthy to cut back and minimize your reliance on weed.
  7. Yeah, this right here. After a few days I get to where I don't even care if I ever smoke again or not. I always smoke again though so I can get stoned...hehe.
  8. Im a daily toker but when i do a break its hell for the first 3 days....I still want it bad but i survive haha....I just get on these forums and post up haha Im currently 3 days into my break 4 to go!
  9. 6 days in....

    1.5 to go

    and it has driven me to sobriety!... aka insanity.... last night i felt fucking schizophrenic or something... it was like i was tripping a low dose of dose...

    it was alot of fun
  10. I think T breaks are always good im currently daily smoking or in this case vaporizer. i dont feel high and usually 4 days or so does it but theirs times i think if my weed is weak or im not smoking enough ( 0.5 for 2 disk ) thats 4 bags i think of vapir one im almost out of my oz. i got it on the 18th of this month

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