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T-Break :(

Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by VideoGamesnWeed, Feb 20, 2013.

  1. After running through a half oz in about 3 days I decided it's time for a tolerance break. I have successfully made it all day today without a joint/hit of any weed. This is my first time in 2 years that I have not been high. It literally takes me 1-2g to get that desired high feeling I like.

    However, I'm about to choke... All my friends are on Skype smoking FUARK.

    My question is, how long should I t-break? I'm thinking 3-4 days TOPS. However, will that be enough time for me to get completely destroyed off Sour Diesel that's in town :hello:
  2. I'd go atleast a week, I have a quite similar tolerance an my last t break (4 days) did almost nothing for my tolerance
  3. I heard it takes 6 weeks for it to leave your body. I tried 28 days last month and it didn't work. I'm going for a two month break right now! Gonna smoke again on 4/20. :)
  4. that's no t-break, bro.
    if you've been constantly high for 2 years... i'd recommend at least a month off.

    i think only after a week, or more like 10 days, is when you start getting back to normal state of being.
    after a month one hit will work wonders.

    if you are going for 3 days, i guess it's better than nothing, but it's a joke really.

    p.s. chances are you forgot what real life is like. you should really take a long break to see what you've missed.
  5. ^ You can not be serious. Forgot what life was like because of weed? Rightttttttt
  6. He's not wrong, its weird being sober for like a month and just forgetting about weed, it does change things considerably just being sober. Usually a week or 2 lowers my tolerance enough for me to enjoy things again though. I smoke alottt of hookah when im on T-breaks makes things way easier and I don't smoke cigarettes so the "little" nicotine always kicks my ass.

  7. i am very serious.
    do you really think that being constantly high is the same as being sober?

    if it's exactly the same then why can't you stop for more than 4 days?
    should be all the same anyways.
  8. Think I may be joining you. Been thinking a lot lately, had some reality checks and its been a year and a half for me. Save what I have until then, but I'm thinking like 2 maybe 3 weeks, but ill still blaze on weekends, only at night.
  9. Yea I'd do longer too I'm doing one as well today Is day UNO for me too I'm going for two weeks one week and a half at the least I smoke cigs thank god that will ease it a bit
  10. That's not what I'm arguing, Captain Obvious. You said I completely missed out on life by being high off marijuana. Tell me, do you happen to forget things when you smoke? Are you mentally intoxicated that you cannot carry normal routines? Does smoking weed cause you to be lazy? Well, none of these effect me, bro. Life is way more appreciative when you are :smoking:...try it sometime?

  11. none of the above.
    and i've tried it plenty of times (probably a lot more than you have).

    you still missed my point. being high 24/7 is not the same as being sober.
    try and stop for a while. why can't you?

    do you find it hard to appreciate life if you are not :smoking: ?
  12. No, but it sounds like a few month t-break is in order for you to re-evaluate yourself and figure out why you don't appreciate life when your not high. Maybe stay sober and do some soul searching, instead of being the "cool ass stoner"with your friends on Skype.

  13. Yea I feel like I can use the same. I just feel disconnected from certain things in my life so I'm going to go from smoking maybe 2 or 3 times a day to once a day at night to relax on. Idk maybe I should reduce it to only a little on weekends, then adventually increase to once a day. I'm definitely not addicted because I can stop with no trouble, but it is at the point I'm smoking soften enough that everything seems to revolve around the herb instead of the other way around.

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