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Discussion in 'Marijuana Consumption Q&A' started by Urge, Dec 17, 2012.

  1. Never taken one, been smoking every day since I've started smoking applying to a place that drug tests so gotta quit for two weeks any advice?
  2. Dont smoke and in 2 weeks youll be real high.
  3. If it's your first t-break and you've been smoking for awhile it's gonna suck. My advice is play video games and/or watch movies, Something to help pass the time. But as Dylan said after those 2 weeks you're going to get blazed as hell. Best of luck man.
  4. Thanks haha man this is gonna be hard
  5. i might join the sober(or atleast weedless) life for two weeks to bring down my tolerance
  6. It's well over due for me, I barely get high anymore and when I do its for like 30 mins D:
  7. ive been trying to quit for the last2 months... fuck me man its hard
  8. I take involuntary t-breaks all the time due to lack of funds lol. A two week one ends tonight!
  9. Well I've been smoking a gram or more everyday for a year how long do ya think it would take to piss clean? Bout 6 foot n 130 pounds
  10. 3-4 weeks
  11. Shit. Looks like ill be taking a longer one
  12. It'll be worth it bromacia
  13. Drink plenty of water and try to do some exercise to sweat out most of the THC should be clean by the 3-4 weeks.

    Also you might want to check to see what kind of test it might be, so you don't show up and they take a bit of your hair.
  14. It's urine test, just applying to target for an over night shift, can't deal with delivery boy bs anymore lol
  15. Buy some quickfix for $40 or get clean piss. It's not like parole, easier to pull off. They have no reason to think you aren't clean unless you give them one.

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