T-break tips?

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  1. So I am 18 and living in my parents house still. My parents are the ones that say even though your 18 your still under our rules since your in our house. And I got busted by my dad so I'm going to take a long t-break probably between 6 months to a year. I'll be doing this till I move out of the house. Any ideas or tips on how to stay mentally sane while doing this?Green dreams motherfucker
  2. Get really active if you arent already to keep yourself occupied
  3. Get a girlfriend
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  4. read a book
  5. The girl I'm kinda with is in Italy till July as an exchange student Green dreams motherfucker
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    Get another girlfriend. She's probably going to get a boyfriend in the meantime. No offense, but I've had an Italian girlfriend (and not from New Jersey), so I'm just sayin'. They're definitely wild fun, but naughty. 
    Edit: I misread that. I thought your girlfriend was an Italian who was an exchange student coming here, but then left back home before retuning back to the states in July.
    Now I see she was your girlfriend here and left to Italy to study. Never mind. Carry on.
    Edit edit: Even worse bro. She's in Italy? There are professional good looking men who are on the prowl for American exchange students there. She's gone bro, sorry to tell you. 
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  7. She's told me she's tried but she's so different culture wise no one likes her. Except some 34 year old Egyptian dude who thought she was 25Green dreams motherfucker
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    Wait, I'm confused. She's tried...what? To be with another guy? If she's tried to be with another guy, while with you, then that seems like an issue.
    I need details.
    And pics.
    (Tit pics are preferred, but if not, I won't force you to gtfo.)
    And an oven baked pizza, Italian style. No meat, just vegetables.
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  9. I got into music. I listened to stuff I didn't think I would like. I also have had a experience like this. I got a job and they drugged tested once randomly within the first six months of working there so I stayed sober for four months. I listened to music and whenever I craved a nice bowel I always went for a run or broke out the skateboard. Its tough but sadly there house there rules.
  10. When she first left we said it was an open relationship but that just caused to many problems and that's when she was talking to guys the most and she's 1 7 so that older Egyptian guy freaked her out like crazy Green dreams motherfucker
  11. Did he look like this?
  12. She said he was skinny. And not good looking haha Green dreams motherfucker
  13. I've been through situations like this.
    Get a different girlfriend. Someone you can actually go DO shit with.
    Of course, you can't be with her 24/7, so get into exercise to keep your mind and hands occupied.
    If you don't wanna exercise, just find video games and TV shows that you like. For me, Halo 4 and Breaking Bad helped me through my T-Break.
    Honestly, just find different things to keep your mind and hands busy. The worst part of a T-Break is the constant boredom and the unpleasantness of having idle hands. I know that T-Breaks are unpleasant, but after the first month or two, it gets A LOT easier.
    Stay strong, man. And good luck!
  14. I'd like to exercise but I live 5 miles out of town in Oregon so it's cold and wet this time of year, and I have no car. And I haven't touched my xbox in 4 months hahaGreen dreams motherfucker
  15. Why don't you just not smoke or bring stuff in your house? Dig a hole and put your weed and paraphernalia in an box or airtight container if it's that badSent from my iPad Air
    if you are already sane then you should remain sane..
    if you have mental issues, then the weed won't be any factor either way.
  17. ImageUploadedByGrasscity Forum1391438109.063296.jpg The sun didn't rise yet Sent from my iPad Air
  18. @[member="TekoTim"] Dude, your posts are cracking me up hahahaha.
    On topic: Just try stay active, find a few hobbies, or pursue the ones you currently have.
    I haven't smoked in a week, been having vivid and wild as fuck dreams along with wakening up sweating like a pedo on a school-bus..

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