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T-Break....the after effects

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by Fredbear, Nov 23, 2011.

  1. I don't know this is why Im I have never successfully completed a real break the longest I have lasted was 3 heres my question.

    After you take a break lets say 2 weeks, how long does it take for your tolerance to build back up....doing like a bowl a day.

    so is it worth while??????

    been doing a bowl a day for at least 4 years now without fail....I did skip monday and had one tuesday morning and that one day did make a difference in the strength of my high.
  2. You're confusing

    It's worth it to me, is it worth it to you? If you get higher after a few days off then maybe it is? Do you enjoy your highs now?
  3. The amount of time it takes to reset the neural receptors that are triggered by cannabinoids varies from person to person. The only way to know for sure how long you need to ‘break' to achieve your desired level of a ‘reset' will depend on applied practice, trial and error.

    Generally speaking, 30 days will result in a ‘wipe' and 60-90 will provide a ‘reset.'

    Is it ‘worth it'? Only you can say. If you are experiencing quality effects such as you enjoy, than perhaps you are fine with your current usage. However, if you find that your enjoyment is not what you remember, than a break may help.

  4. Well I usually buy an eighth and smoke it for till it's gone. Usually like 2 weeks, then I dont smoke for like a month lol.

    But yeah the more I smoke, the more I need. A week or so in and I need full milk tubes to get me straight. After a week or two off, I can milk like 1/3 of the tube and be schtoooned.
  5. huh. a reset.

  6. Looks like I'm going on a 2-3 month break then. :(

  7. Not necessarily.

    Some people build tolerance very quickly. However, they also lose it very quickly.

    Other people take a long time to build any noticeable diminishing returns, but then it can take 2-3 months to effectively ‘reset.'

    It all goes back to knowing how your body works. Try a month break and then see how much of an effect it has had. I guarantee you will notice a difference. Perhaps it will be what you had desired, perhaps not. If not, then next time you break try 2 months. Go from there.

    Once you figure out your own unique neurochemistry you can more effectively manage your usage.

    I hope that helps! :)

  8. Sometimes it's totally worth it. Having a sober mind for a while isn't such a bad thing. Something I think all of us could remember.

    That being said I haven't T-breaked in well over 3 years :laughing:
  9. so worth it i had to quit for probation and i can take one hit and be lifted.
  10. Wow thanks for that answer.....GaiaGuy that makes sense.

    But now Im thinking....The weed I get now is way better then what I was getting and I do remember there were times when I was like......feeling I was getting a heart attack and I could hear my heart beating thru my nose I was really really scared I was going to die...cause Im not a young man anymore.

    However Im in pretty good shape for 42

    Anyway I know know that it will induce panic attacks, but I also know it can cause your heart to beat faster.....what if some time I am really having a heart attack but I just think its a panic attack.....

    I am comfortable with my usage right paranoia, about anything.

    But I do miss some of the colours i used to get...the sharpness of the tv.....the long thinking thoughts.....that really make sense.

    I don't get that anymore just a feeling of know, chill.

    Maybe Ill give a week a shot and try a trench (MFLB)

    that should be good huh?
  11. yea im currently on the "reset" already 3 months + clean after smokin 6 bowls everyday in august like non stop..yup no side effects to brother jus set the goal and achieve it.
  12. Thats pretty good thumbs up
  13. I now have the possibility of being tested once every 2 months because of some silly legal thing:D so this leaves me with about 2 weeks to smoke before i have to stop again so i can pass my test IF they test me. So basically for those two weeks i can get high off of one hit from my bowl. and when i smoke my bong i visit space.:hello::smoking::hippie:
  14. i have cut down on my smoking recently. the last time i smoked was on saturday, then on haloween, and then like two weeks before that. it definitely feels like "the old times", im really baked and get more of a body high. tv shows are really funny and i have the munchies bad, food tastes incredible. it is definitely nice to get really high, but i miss blazing bowls at the end of a long hard day
  15. Oh ok, thanks for the response. I'll try a month first and see how that works out :)
  16. You need to do a long T Break, as in 3+ months or your tolerance will go back to normal after one or two tokes. If you don't have the patience for a long T Break, take a month off, then only smoke on the weekends to keep your tolerance down.

    You'll notice a difference in your tolerance with any kind of break.. even a few hours or a few days, but it goes back up fast. It varies person to person though
  17. Just don't smoke alot at once at the beginning. Don't oversmoke just smoke to the high you enjoy.
  18. Cannabis can cause an elevated heartbeat, but it also lowers blood pressure. To keep it in perspective, you would most likely be at a greater risk of heart attack by suddenly starting a rigorous workout routine.

    Set and setting (physical and mental) is key for a positive experience. As you mentioned, the effects can enhance your thought process; so if you go in with worries, they can also be exacerbated. This can be especially true if you are smoking more/getting higher then you are accustomed to.

    You mentioned that your current supply is stronger than what you’ve used before. Did you cut down on the amount you use to compensate? If not, that may explain a lot.

    If you are concerned about the health of your heart in general, I suggest speaking to your doctor about having an ECG. This is a simple non-invasive test that can be completed in minutes. Also get your blood pressure taken, and if you really want to take it all the way, book an echocardiogram as well. If you’ve not had these tests before it may be worthwhile to do anyway.

    The fact that you are missing some of the more enjoyable effects of marijuana suggests that your tolerance is quite high. I don't know if you will notice a significant improvement after just a week, but you may notice enough to give you the encouragement you need for a longer break.

    I wish you well! :)
  19. Thanks for taking the time man.....this info helps as well cheers to you bud

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