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T-break starting....

Discussion in 'Seasoned Marijuana Users' started by MMan, May 28, 2010.

  1. today! anyone else wanna join in?
  2. i started mine the 20th and it's already kicking my ass. gonna tough it out and wait till july 27, it'll all be worth it in the end. good luck with yours man :)
  3. my 30 day break ends tomorrow.. ill be like a virgin :hello:
  4. My 18 day break ends June 8th, first day of summer, and first day out of Highschool.

    I just bought a new piece, so I'm one tempted sonofabitch, but I'm pulling through until that day.

    I only smoke on the weekends (though a lot on the weekends), but still, I felt a T-break is needed once I stop getting body highs.
  5. I haven't smoked all day, I'll try to join you :)
  6. Well I started the 15th, so this is the twelfth day for me (until this coming Tuesday, so it will be 16 days worth), but hey, I'll join you until then :D!

  7. Good to know I'm not alone, actually.
    But this new pipe is killing me. It's asking to be used and named.

    And indeed, stay strong.
  8. im gonna start one a month from my birthday then on my birthday smoke the best stuff i can find and a massive amount of it at that. its going to be the best/least remembered birthday EVA!:smoking:

  9. Break that new piece in with the best weed you can find, and break that sucker [ha] in with a bunch of friends :D always a great experience.

    I find new pieces to be a great way to put a fresh spin on your bud, whether you're seasoned or not. That's one of the greatest things about smoking, in my opinion, as most pieces give very unique highs. With the right combination of bud and bowl, even a small bubbler can Emulate the works of a big bong ;)

    However, I do believe that a nice t-break is the only way for a long-time stoner to get the most out of his highs, and with a nice, constant supply of water, you can really get Maxed out on that shit.
  10. my three weeks is about to end on monday, so no i do not want to join you hahaha

    but good luck!!!
  11. When the time is right, bro. He/She (the new piece) will tell me when it's time. As of now I'm sticking to that break.
  12. Good luck. Next friday will be one month break for me, I hope when I'm able to smoke again the high will be at least 2x as good. I was a heavy smoker and smoked everyday.
  13. Ive never taken a t-break ever haha. I only have like .3 left to last me the next few days until i have extra cash for more bud, so im only gunna smoke that at night if i cant sleep, so thats kinda like a t-Break XD
  14. ill join and start mine off today but only for 15 days maybe more
  15. I've been on a T-break for a while. I'm saving up my cash for an awesome vape, plus I have exams around now so I figured abstaining would be a good idea so I wasn't tempted and had weed as like a reward system. Do well in exams now, get blitzed in the holidays :smoking::smoking::smoking:
  16. Good luck :)

    I don't do t-breaks. If I take a break it's for other reasons usually.

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