T-break is effecting my grades?

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  1. Last year i was a regular smoker, i would often go to class high, get high at uni and get high after. And i passed with a B average.

    This year i haven't really smoked at all and it's coming to half way through the semester and i can already tell my grades are going to be lower, it's like i don't have any ideas or as much creativity.

    I'm a design student specialising in graphic design, so creativity is essential. it's weird i also feel less motivated more depressed and more anxious. I stopped smoking so much because i thought weed was causing problems but now i'm kinda thinking it was actually helping me with alot of things.

    Has this kinda thing happened to anyone else?
  2. start smoking again and see if your grades go up.

    Its like a fun science experiment man!
  3. I'm tempted man
  4. all last year i went blazed most days to class and got all As. this year i took a semester off from bud and got Bs and Cs. now i started blazin again and i have As again
  5. Affecting*

    Jk, but seriously if your life is better with weed then this should be an easy choice. Maybe just smoke like every other day if you don't want to do it every day.
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    Many people find a stronger connection to their creativity while enjoying the kind. I suggest you save it for brainstorming various projects -- like how writers back in the day used alcohol.

    If you feel that you were more productive then prioritize your usage. For you the kind will be a working tool as much as recreational. Nothing wrong with that, IMO.

  7. what problems was it causing
  8. It's like using steroids in sports but you dot get tested and still get all the credit!
  9. Well to start it off, its "affecting."

    Start blazin again and see what happens.
  10. You might just use weed as a reward for getting work done (conciously or not), and now that you aren't smoking you just don't feel as motivated.
  11. Figure out why you stopped smoking weed in the first place (obviously its not school)>fix the problem(s)>go back to smoking.

    That simple:D.

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