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  1. Hello,
      I go by my pen name T.B. Green and I am new to the Grasscity forum. I  wanted to take this opportunity to introduce my self to the community and say a little bit about myself in the hopes of meeting many other like minded individuals. Here goes.
      I've lived in the Denver metro area of Colorado pretty much all of my life. Born in Aurora, graduated school in Castle Rock CO, and am currently living in Lakewood CO with my wife and family. I am an avid legalization advocate and a believer that knowledge is a right, not a privilege  I believe in growing your own cannabis and think that the best thing we can do to keep cannabis out of the hands of minors is to eliminate the distribution of raw product such as people growing to sell illegally under new regulations.
      I am currently writing a book, and recently started SMART, Safe Marijuana, Agriculture, Regulation, & Taxation. Currently it is just a Page on Facebook, but soon i hope to have it spread across the nation with literature, meetings, and a website. I have the intentions on making it into a non profit organization to benefit our communities, but for now I'm using it to get grow info out to beginners and vets alike. Check it out if you'd like, just go to facebook and search S.M.A.R.T. .  Anyways I can't wait to get active in this forum and hope to make some great friends along the way. Cheers, and smoke on!
    T.B. Green


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  2. Welcome to the city TB. There are a great many Blades and Bladies on here, just watch out for the occassional weed or two.
    Please familiarize yourself by reading a few of the stickies, especially the forum guidelines. It will help you navigate safely. :smoke:

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