Sythetic Urine. DOT. Does it still work 2017

Discussion in 'Legalization and Activism' started by Emerica47, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. I'd go watch this right now if I were you guys:

  2. Well, that was informative. I guess people will just have to sub with clean substitutes..

    Hopefully mouth swab tests will be popular in the future.
  3. That's why I don't mess with fake urine,these labs and DOT getting smarter and stricter
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  4. I just don't smoke if I'm driving OTR. I smoke hella weed when I run local though. Wish I could get a yard dog job in CO or something though, just so I wouldn't have to worry about it.
  5. That's why I don't mess with fake urine,these labs and DOT getting s
    im bout to get out of the industry anyway,hopefully the end of next year... dot getting to struck with all these new regulations and shit...I miss smoking and chilling at home with no worries
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  6. I been saying that shit for 10 years lol
  7. Well if they lighten up on us drivers with all these laws and shit,give us better pay for being out here away from home then maybe I might stay for a couple more years
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  8. I been doing it for 10 years now. I got smart and started driving local a few years ago. Get to be home every night and it's better money than just about anything else around here. I've driven a lot of yard dogs the past few years and a dump truck. A lot of small dump truck companies don't drug test by the way, just find you a driver in your home town where they fuel at and tell them you have a CDL and are looking for a job. Can assure you they'll put you in touch with their boss. Highly doubt you'll ever get randomly tested unless you go to work for a larger company. You're looking for a place that only has 5-15 trucks if you go that route.
  9. Yea been looking for local work.but I live in a small town in Georgia were the only thing available is loggers which I thought you have to have experience.. dump truck you got know someone before you get on. I'm still looking around cause I'm tired of this otr shit man..
  10. google transforce and call the office closest to you. if they don't have anything close to you, they can probably find out who to put you in touch with. sometimes you can get lucky with craigslist.
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  11. Are you still passing with this I have my CDL but been to scared to retest that I might fail. I'm so sick of being unable to do what I got to do.
  12. Hey did u use it
  13. And did it work?
  14. Naw man don’t use synthetic piss they testing for that now days, I just took a drug test 2 weeks for another company and I passed with real hydrated pee. Company is called urinetheclear, look it up on line, kind of expensive but works with flying colors
  15. I
    I appreciate you getting back to me man so much
    Thanks so much for that info and did you buy the 100 kit?
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  16. I bought the 58 dollar kit I believe,the other kit is already premixed for ya. That’s the 98 dollar kit
  17. Ok thank you so much miss you may have saved my life im definitely feel more confident with this problem I don't know what I would of done and I was very skeptical bout the quick fix. Safe travels out there on that road and have a blessed week
  18. I recently took a random dot drug test and breathalizer at quest diagnostics. I smoke everyday so there wasn't any chance of passing myself. I used sub solution and it does work passed with ease. As long as you got the temp right your good to go. I will mention I did not use the heating powder. Just went with hot hands. As far as knowing if you passed or not, no news is good news. If you go 5 working days with no call your good. It makes for a long 5 days though. Hope it helps and good luck
  19. No problem driver,I love my trees but I love my money more so anything to help

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