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Sythetic Urine. DOT. Does it still work 2017

Discussion in 'Marijuana Legalization' started by Emerica47, Jun 4, 2017.

  1. Hello everyone. I recently for the first time tried to substitute urine on a DOT drug test. I used Quick Fix 6.1 with urea. It was a random drug test and I was prepared. The collector checked off the box that my sample was between 90 and 100 degree F. She left no remarks on the paperwork. Anyways I took the test friday, it's now sunday and I go into work tomorrow. I'm worried about dealing with the embarrassment of failing. Super awkward. So my question is. Does synthetic urine still work on DOT test these days. And also if you fail how fast do you find out. Im assuming faster than if you were positive since the validity check is the first thing they do. And its fake its fake. No need for further testing. Thanks in advance
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  2. Let us know how it works out, no one can really be for sure buddy! Peace and good luck.
  3. Well I took the test on Friday afternoon. It is Monday at 3 California time, I have talked to my boss and HR department today about something unrelated. Haven't heard anything yet. I'll keep updated with the results regardless of pass or fail
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  4. Sweet man, you are probably good to go. Did you have to go to a clinic/hopsital to do the drop and how did the test end up going?

    Does it look like piss? Was it an open cap?
  5. Yeah it deff looked like piss. The temp was good. I tested it at home prior to the test. I gave my sample to concentra. They ship it to an some place in NY to test it and then let my job know. Do you have any experience with this
  6. My company doesn't tell you if you passed. Obviously they tell you if you failed
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  7. I've never personally done it but my buddies swear by it. I got a good friend right now in Arizona who got randomly called in for one and he used the same thing as you. I think by this time you will be good to go.

  8. Awesome thanks for the info and reassurance
  9. Does anyone know if that mro will call you if you you fail a DOT drug test using synthetic urine. I know they will call if you test positive does they need to see if there is a reason why. But it seems there is no reason to call if they find out it's not real. If anyone has experience with please fill me in thanks
  10. Okay so it's Wednesday and I still haven't heard of anything which is good. I'm not out of the clear yet but I think after Friday I should be. I'm going to updating this thread until then because it's a pet peeve of my when people don't post their results. If it does pass I might even post a quick video on how to pass a dot random with synthetic urine
  11. I took a test with the 6.1 formula last week too. Just got the news today I passed. Test was escreen urine test with alere. Took the test in WV but I'm pretty sure the lab was located in NC.
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  12. Well that's great news! Congratulations, I've been hearing a lot of success stories which is good I think if I don't hear anything by Friday I'm good
  13. Thus by not telling you you passed, they tell you you passed
  14. Okay so it's Thursday morning here in California. I took my random DOT friday with sythetic. Do you guys think I passed or still not in the clear. Trying to keep this thing updated till the end.
  15. Okay so it's friday I took the test friday. Still working. I'm going to assume I passed. If I for some reason fail I'll post it on here.
  16. are you still working my dude?
  17. Yup still working it's almost been two weeks since the test
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  18. you will most likely be fine!
  19. Glad to hear everything worked out. I may need to look into the synthetic urine :)
  20. Ive used Quick Fix for years now keep it in my work truck and tool box. Passed DOT and a federal background for working at V.A. shelf life is about two years keep that in mind and keep smoking bro.

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