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  1. Any System Of A Down fans? I don't really listen to rock that much but I love their music.
  2. System whips the lamas ass!

    They are the most original shit ive heard in a long time.
    This group is one of the best bands ever. Just listen to toxicity(cd)
  3. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah my toxicity. yeah i got into em about a yr ago...what a band. crazy, but damn good stuff.
  4. Hell yes man!! I even just got to see them this past Sunday at Ozzfest in Noblesville. They fuckin' rocked the house!!
  5. They are great. Have you guys heard the songs Metro and Marmalade by them? If you haven't you should download them.
  6. yeah metro turned me believe it was in a flick a while ago..
  7. first time i saw the music video for aerials i was on shrooms and that little kid guy really made me think hard...but yeah system of a down are probably my favorite band..I odn't even listen to that much rock but I like SOAD..they're all armenian I think.
  8. aaaaaaaaaaaaaaw..I just dl that vid to my harddrive, but i havent actually seen it yet!!! yeah! now i cant wait to!!
  9. a saw them about four and a half years ago on an incubus tour......fuckin amazin live were going was right before their release of their first album which IMO is their best.....toxicity i dont think comes close but its a pretty solid album nonetheless
  10. aaaaw ::chills:: incubus & system. now theres a damn show.
  11. Love System, only thing is I could have seen them in concert (Summer Sanatarium) but we got there late and they were finished with their set :mad:

  12. yeah yo it did.....system was opening for incubus and this place went fuckin nuts.......way way way before both bands blew up.....afterwards went up to the bar was talkin to incubus for a bit, pretty cool guys, they signed my ticket and i bounced after that.....i definitely still love incubus's music but their no stuff IMO doesnt even compare to the enjoy incubus/science/fungusamongus stuff
  13. I agree to the fullest. SCIENCE is my fav. and fungus..just kicks big butt. I love seeing them live (UGH chills thinking about it!!) Id love to see SOAD. the last time at an incubus show we stuck around and got setlists and a drumstick. very nice! hehe :)
  14. im not really into that sort of music usually, but i actually kinda like system of a down...... its all my hockey team used to listen to before games, i guess i kinda got used to it
  15. I guess i couldnt really call myself a big system of a down song becuz I never liked any of there other stuff...I've only liked there singles. I'm not really into that kinda music either so thats probably why.
  16. See I used to think "Spiders" was a c00 song then I heard thier new cd man I was blown away they are killer and as someone said earlier they seem to be one of the more original bands out there.

    Trippie J

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