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  1. Any System fans in here? If so, download the Live at lowlands full concert off Kazza. It's extremely kick ass!!

    I myself am a huge System fan. Got to see them twice last summer. First time at the Indianapolis Ozzfest, and the second a month later at the last Ozzfest of the year in Dallas. Both shows were excellent.
  2. One word:

  3. yea they are pretty good when i am in the mood for heavy rock, but their first cd is better than their second
  4. the mans' got a godd point...
  5. i have to disagree with that last statement, i feel that System of a Down's last CD is just as good, if even better then the first one. though both were totally kick ass....
  6. Yeah, Toxicity is my favorite CD. Steal This Album is pretty good, but then again it should be. It's basically just old songs that haven't been released. Can't wait for their "real" new album, but I don't think it's coming out until like 2004. :(
  7. If you like metal, it's quite impossible not to like SoaD. Chop Suey gotta be the most innovative metal tune made since, um, Faith no More's Epic tune (or Suprise, You're dead!)

    Shame I haven't seen SoaD live yet.

    Any Tool fans here BtW?

    For some really cool nu-metal goto they're a relatively new and unknown, but kick ass cool band from Bergen Norway, where I live. Check out their live pics. I'm their lights-tech so all that neat stage design is my work :) Also check out Totec Tribe at

    Burzum was from Bergen, but Hatebreeder, if you're into DM drop Burzum like a stone. Sucks big time. Check out instead some other cool DM bands from the capitol of european metal, like:

    Mayhem (not from Bergen, but Oslo, still...)
    Satyricon (as above)

    Dang, saw Satyricon this summer, kicked ass like you won't believe.

    Ave Satani, Sanguines deitus.
  8. Come to think of it, here in Bergen there is an annual metal-festival called hole in the sky. If you're a true metal fan, then this festival is nirvana. I'll be there blinking the lights. Looking forward to it already. You'll find info at It's in norwegian, so you'll probably not understand shit of the text :)
  9. theyre alright... i knew about em before anyone like 4 years ago, and i still had the same opinion: different, but not in a revolutionary way
  10. ...hatebreeder. At last someone to argue (more or less seriously) metal with. Thanx.

    Yes I know Burzum was a one man act. Right know the little prick (Varg Vikernes) sits in jail for coldly murdering one of his bandmates in Mayhem. Varg was a wannabe satanist during the Burzum/Mayhem years, but since beeing incarcareted for some time, he's had time to think (???). Now he's a fucking Nazi, HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

    He should grow a fucking brain!

    As for the BM/DM genre definitions, they are a little diffuse to me. I call 'em all in that general genre for DM, so there. How many subgenres do we need anyways?

    As for the Soad == Metal; I still stand by that one. If you are a metalhead, you must see (hear) their qualities as an innovative addition to the genre as a whole.

    Ah, btw, Slipknot is not on my list of "Really MF good metal bands". Just like Maiden you know :)
  11. soad reminds me of sod....with more talint that anthrax and mr milano could muster....
  12. 7th son is one of the best albums ever made by anyone.....

  13. i know that they are not black metal, but hey i'm not sure what the hell style they are not my kind of told me that a band from Glasgow are doing quite well in the States...NOFX...anyone heard of them???.....Peace out....Sid
  14. I finally got into System when I saw them with Metallica. \m/

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