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  1. Alright guys well I have a 1999 Ford Expedition, which is completely stock right now.

    I would like to put in a deck, new speakers throughout, amp, and subs. The problem is I don't know where to start!

    I listen to alot of classic rock-indie, and rap everyonce and a while, so I wouldn't want super loud bass.

    What do you guys think?

    Thanks Alot!
  2. id put a ten in the back. i got a 05 expedition so i kinda know whats up. just a ten will hit hard enough for your needs the open space makes it seem like less bass which you want. as for actual product ...
    MTX, kicker, adiobahn or JBL subs
    as for amp id say 2 chanel is good enough once again MTX kicker or JBL
    speakers thats tricky i dont remember what size you need just check online at a speaker site

    and for a deck Sony MEX-1GP is kick ass.

    but check it out for yourself on the deck id get something with a removable faceplate
  3. I'd say go ATLEAST a 12' for the sub.
  4. the guy listens to indie music ... mostly along with classic rock. you dont want to have overpowering bass for that kind of music. yea i guess you could just turn the subs down but then whats the fuckn point of spending the extra cash to get a better sub if you turn em down
  5. Get a couple of those 12" 385 RMS Sony subs and a ported box, very inexpensive and great quality.
  6. Well, i usually roll with one of these combinations in my 2005 Chevy Impala. I usually have Three 10"s, or Two 12"s, or Two 15"s.

    For a HU (Head Unit/Deck) I suggest going with a new model Pioneer Premier, thats what I have and im satisfied, i highly suggest getting an iPod cable with it also.

    If you're looking for anything I have two Memphis Audio 6.5" component speakers for up front, Memphis is top of the line.

    I also have a memphis 500-D mono amp that's worth about $450.

    And I have boxes for (3) 10"s, (2) 12"s, and one for (2) 15"s

    Everything is in total and complete working order, PM me if your interested in anything.

  7. take my advice and don't buy SONY anything when it comes to car audio. This i know from experience sony xplode series is wack and weak(sony xplode <---keyword is xplode). the speakers from sony are under powered even though they say their speakers can handle this much power...they won't and the quality of their car audio products are just no good. Go with an all alpine system. Since you listen to rock and rap, you want the clarity from your highs. I would go with a decent 2006-2007 model alpine head unit which you can get under $250. If your explorer has speakers in the dash, get some 3.5 alpine speakers to replace the stock dash speakers. Get midbass drivers for front doors since you want a little bass the midbass drivers will do the trick and you wont need a subwoofer period. And if you want, you can throw some 6x9's in the back some where if you want more loudness. As far as the amp goes, get a 4ch alpine as well or a kicker to power the 3.5 and the midbass drivers...or a 6ch amp if your going to add the 6x9's in the back some where. Don't forget a good amp wiring kit. You might also want to do the BIG 3 (improving your electrical system) you need to supply your audio system good clean power and that is why you should do the big 3(1. alternator positive to battery positive, 2. battery negative to chassis, and 3. engine ground to chassis).
  8. DO NOT get sony, i would go with some high end speakers, memphis is pretty good, polk is also pretty good, you just need to look at how much u want to spend, i have a decent kicker combination of 6.5 and 6x9s running off a california series profile 1000 watt 4 channel amp. i just tried to get some good equiptment and still keep my budget low....

    as for subs just get 1 12 inch thats high quality, kicker, jbl, jl audio, theres a bunch more good companies that produce above average sub woofers...... and get a really good mono amp thats real nice, but doesnt have a whole lot of power output, and there you have it, nice clear sounding bass, but its not too loud......

    i have never ordered off of this site, but i know a few people who have, and they say it usually takes a week or 2 to get your order, but the prices are cut almost in half on some items. so check it out if you want, its an authorized retailer from a lot of audio companies and like i said the only complaint my buddies had was shipping time.
  9. so what do you think about subs?

    oh and i have an expedition not an explorer just to clarify
  10. if your going with subs just get a 10 inch JL Audio it will give just enough bass to make your music sound rich and deep. But like I said since you don't want much bass to begin with you can eliminate the subs by putting some good midbass drivers which will give you that midbass you are looking for. OH and for the speakers you might want to look into infinity kappas they get REALLY loud and produce very clean sound. For rock/rap music these speakers will be your money's worth for sure. keep in mind, the wiring will effect the quality of your entire system...clean strong power = clean sounding system.
  11. Ok let me say this. I have been into car audio for while and i have a pretty good idea of what to tell you.

    First of all, if you haven't been to yet, its a very helpful website.

    And you need to tell me how much money you have so i have a general idea of what to tell you.

    You can do a lot of research about the head unit, speakers, and subs at My tips are just look for a name brand sub that applies to you, 300-400 rms or so. Everyones gonna tell you how sick theres is and buy it because they never really compared it to others. Buy an amp that matches the rms output, buy name brand.

    Head unit, not a big deal, just buy name brand once again. Look on crutchfield for lots of reviews. I like kenwood myself, but thats just my preference. Same for the speakers. I use a separate amp for my door speakers, but you can probably just run it off the head unit.
  12. if you dont like much bass, do not get subs...its a waste in my opinion. don't get me wrong, i love bass and my car absolutely bumps, but if you dont listen to mostly rap, don't get subs

    i would recommend getting some nice mb quart speakers with a good amp...they have such rich sound and a good amount of bass for those occasional rap songs
    EDIT: i forgot to add that i recommended mb quart because i used to listen to pretty much the same type of music you do now...mostly rock and a little rap; now all i do is pound bass and listen to 99% rap lol

    also, i would suggest you go to a good car audio store nearby and listen to their speakers before buying....oh, and please don't go to best buy and only look at their cheap ass around for good brands like mb quart, jl audio, kicker, kenwood, or alpine
  13. I agree exactly with what you said about Sony Xplod. This is what makes my story even weirder.
    I've had two twelves now for a 3 1/2 years and they have yet to explode! The Sony Xplod amp
    that my buddy sold me went out after a year, so I just picked up an Audiobahn amp off of eBay.
    So far I have no troubles with that. So, I'm not here to reccomend Xplod, but just to let people
    know that someone has actually had Xplod subs for over a couple years.

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