Syrian "revolution"

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  1. The US is in bed with Al Khalifa, Russia is in bed with Assad.

    Bahrain is home to the US 5th fleet and buys numerous US weapons, and Syria is home to the Tartus millitary base and is one of Russia's largest weapons buyers.

    Civilian casualties are the least of any governments worries here, what is important is this kind of proxy-war through client states of the two superpowers, welcome to Cold War the sequel.
  2. Nice post dubaba. From what I've been reading from folks who are from Syria, and still talk to their families there, tell a different story than, say, CNN.

    But our MSM paints a different story. Anyone familiar with Syrian Danny being CNNs propaganda whore?

    [ame=]Truth About Danny Abdul-Dayem - YouTube[/ame]

    And his rebuttal on Anderson Coopers show

    [ame=]EXPOSED: Danny Abdul-Dayem & CNN Lying...Again - YouTube[/ame]

    Buts lets continue with the propaganda, this time from an Aljazeera journalist who quit over frustrations of bullshit. (You won't find any Western MSM covering this, not even Aljazeera)

    Al Jazeera reporter resigns over "biased" Syria coverage

    Propaganda war affects coverage of Syrian conflict

    [ame=]Syrian Propaganda War Laid Bare - YouTube[/ame]
  3. damn media biased shit

  4. Your spot on here man. This is Cold War part 2 and the bad thing is this one has more of a potential to become a "hot" war.
  5. This so called "revolution" has had a stench from the start.
  6. News from CNN :laughing:

    CNN rejects as 'ridiculous' Syrian claims it collaborated with rebels -

    Yeah okay CNN :rolleyes:. Who knows whats what, but I do know CNN is and always will be full of fucking shit when it comes to war and their bullshit coverage.

    Fuck You CNN

  7. The US has had no problems in the past supporting the most brutal regimes in the world while condemning other governments for doing the same. That continues today.

  8. I just automatically assume any conflict that the US is/wants to get involved in is based on lies and propaganda. When was the last time it wasn't?

  9. Than I don't think your any better than those that assume every conflict we get into is for the good of the world.

  10. Except my assumption is backed up with facts and recent history...

  11. Well, you have to admit that a lot of that "fact" your talking about is more opinion than it is "fact" since the us govt. keeps things well under wraps.

  12. No, facts are not opinions.

  13. I never said they were. I said that these facts are more opinion than facts because a lot of these "facts" are unverifiable.

  14. It's a very safe bet to assume that when politicians talk about war or the economy that they are lying, unless it's Ron Paul.

    Reasons are the military industrial complex and the banking cartels that control government.

    The politicians even go against the governments own intelligence, but it doesn't matter because people just believe whatever they say.

    Examples: wmds in Iraq, nuclear weapons construction in Iran, etc. Blatant propaganda.

  15. I agree with you for the most part.

    I'm just saying that no one can really say for sure whats really going on. We're mere individuals we can't possibly know for sure.

    Also to believe that everything that US politicians/govt officials say is false is not the smartest way to look at it IMO. Theres a bit of truth to everything.

    Again, I agree with you for the most part here, just saying.
  16. Here is a rule of thumb:

    Fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me.

    Our government's credibility on national security and the economy is non-existent. The track record is so bad that there is literally no reason to even consider the possibility that they might be telling you the reality of the situation at hand.
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    You are correct sir. Off the top of my head, lets looks at the Gulf of Tonkin incident that was the reason Congress declared war on Vietnam. Years later (2005, 20fucking05) we find out the incident was more or less fabricated to go to war.

    Gulf of Tonkin incident - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

    Now lets fast forward to 2003 and the invasion of Iraq. Why did we invade? Well, we invaded based on fucking lies. I remember being on a watch floor during that time and we were hunting down terrorists when word spread we're probably going to war with Iraq. At that time I was supporting spy missions on the Middle East looking for the bad guys, and Iraq was not in our mission plan, ever. Not until that war started.

    Saddest part about all of this, no politician is ever held responsible for these clear cut cases of War Crimes. That's how you know not to trust any Western Gov't (or any Gov't) because they are always full of shit, and they will send troops to their death for their own political agendas. It's about as evil as you can get, yet dumbasses are obsessed with ME dictators like Gaddafi :rolleyes: fucking morons.
  18. I think we need to know a little more about whats going on in Syria.

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