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  1. Evening Fellow Blades... 
    I'm personally having a hard time understanding much of the situation, why are AlQaeda revolting and causing such a civil unrest in Syria? What could cause an already stabilized country and its inhabitants to rebel against there government?  
    The Problem
    From what Ive been reading so far the various different religious groups are using there power to overturn the peace of a democratic country into an archaic state of yet another dictatorship under the disguise of a religious democracy yet to come. We have seen shorter episodes if this happening in Iraq, Libya and Afghanistan. In fact even after democracy was restored in Iraq it is currently going through another resolution of civil revolt against its government.
    I think part of the problem is that there is no central governing body to regulate what Islam should be for people. This of course leaves the religion open to men whom think they can manipulate others of there sect into giving them seats of power. It also leaves the religion open to the wickedness of organisations who can invest large amounts of money into 'terrorist cells/mercenaries&religious groups' destabilizing entire regions for natural resources and maintaining control of the worlds different rates of currency exchange. This is what happened in Iraq & Afghanistan, Libya's issue was based on currency and control of its central banking.
    I think that religion & politics unfortunately go hand in hand, I wish that the planet did not have a single country that claimed itself as a religious state. People should be grateful for what little freedom of worship they might have. I want to say that if Assad manages to gain back his power, he can solve that very issue. To be honest I haven't considered all the variables in the equation, there's allot more to the influences of whats happening than I have noted down, including the involvement of the Arab nations whom seek to destabilize and unite all that power, Hezbollah who received political backing from Syria and funding from Iran to expel Israels occupation of Lebanon. Assad who then shot himself in the foot for saying a possible long term peace & alliance treaty with Israel is possible.
    My thoughts and possible resolutions go out to the innocents in the war that have lost there homes, loved ones and wished for nothing more than to just grow up in safe environment free from the influences of religious propaganda. With that being said, I do not want any loss of Syrian land to neighboring countries, the next installment of democratic peace in Syria should not in any way be affiliated with religion. I.E Take Canada, France & India as an example.      
    The Possible Solution for Peace
    So .... what fate do the stoners of GC bring to Syria? 
    What are you?
    1/ Pro Assad Regime?
    2/ Pro Syrian Liberation Army? 
    What would you like the UN to do?
    1/ Help Assad Forces?
    2/ Help Rebel Forces?
    - Komatic

  2. Look, the UN is useless against these sort of conflicts, as demonstrated by the failure to prevent 200,000 deaths in Syria in the past 2 years.
    Assad is showing no signs of willingness to end the conflict, even dragging Lebanon into the issue with Hezbollah militants crossing to fight in Syria.
    Well said, except that the UN will act and that a side will be the victor. So what actions would you like to be internationally taken?  
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    Even though I am against foreign NATO/UN military intervention, it is unfortunately the only way to settle this once and for all (if you think the international community should be involved, which I do not feel we should be). 
    Most, if not all UN Peacekeeping missions in Syria have failed to reduce the conflict. Instead they were met with kidnappings and violence. 
    The only thing that we are able to do now is to watch and see who the victor is. 
    EDIT: This my take on the situation, so feel free to present your views.
    so then  you aren't really against foreign NATO/UN military intervention..
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    If the int. community was concerned enough and want to intervene, then yes, foreign intervention is needed. Otherwise the only other option is to wait and see,
  7. The West needs to keep it's snout out of Syria and let Assad deal with the al qaeda vermin that have invaded Syria...

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  8. I'm all for NATO/UN military deployment for safety to citizens, but this has nothing to do with America/Britain and France I hope we can keep our noses out of this one.
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  9. Why no option of 'pro al qaeda' or 'help al qaeda, OP?  They are involved too...and definitely not there to "liberate" people.  Why such limited options?  Are you practicing to be ABC news anchor?
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  10. Help al Qaeda after they have been killing our troops for 10+ years. Help ally's not enemys.
  11. It's not just Assad vs the rebels, there are a number of different groups involved in the fight. A lot of the people are revolting due to oppression, however, extremist groups are also in there.
    The option to help Al Qaeda is there, they allied with the Syrian Rebel Army or (Revolutionary Front).
    Its currently Stands As:
    Syria Revolutionaries Vs Syrian Armed Forces 
    Islamic Front                    |    National Defense Force
    Al-Nusra Front                 |    Syrian Resistance
    Gen Pop                          |    Islamic State of Iraq  
                                            |    Gen Pop
    My thoughts are that I will not trade one dictatorship for another, with the exact same thing to happen again further down the line. If Assad wants the support of the west he will have to start making real promises for the real future of Syria and its people, which is a new born country free of religious ownership.
    Btw, Im a BBC News guy! American news broadcasters and presenters suck dick. :smoke:   
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    So far Assad has even gone as far as dropping out of peace talks this week. Let's be honest, he is not interested in peace.

    The Assad dynasty has previously shown the west it cannot be trusted.
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    Oh, I apologize.  I didn't realize that anyone who wants Assad/regime out of power automatically become allies.
    It's especially hard to understand with articles like:  Nearly 500 killed from fighting between "allies".
    Are you really suggesting that lumping all these competing factions under the same label is even closely aligned with reality?
    You can't even decide on the right label.  It's gone from "syrian liberation army" to "rebel forces" to "Syria revolutionaries". 
    Edit:  Assad should promise to 'clean up his act' to the west?  Who the fuck is the west to be setting standards of conduct?  I'm assuming by "west" you mean governments.  The west was literally ready to invade, resulting in who knows how much more death and destruction.  I know BBC will tell you everything the "west" wants you to know, but it's not hard to understand criticisms of the west and it's moral bankruptcy.
  15. What has Assad done to threaten or attack any Western country ?

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    Your damn right I won't decide on the right label! I much rather use them all, also I didn't place Al Qaeda on the side of Syrian Revolutionaries, IF & AF are different branches I presume? Like I said in my original post, still trying to understand much of what is going on with all the different sides. 
    Where did I put down the line "Assad should promise to clean up his act to the west?" 
    At current I believe the UN are looking at multiple ways of stopping the current unrest, this of course could be done by: 
    A/ Invading & Defeating all Sides (highly unlikely option)
    B/ Sending more Arms to Syrian Revolutionaries/Rebels/Liberation Army (All the same the thing)
    C/ Supporting Assad with military assistance
    I was stating that if Assad wanted that kind of support he would have to make some very redefining promises of his country, & even then the chances of the UN supporting him on that are slim, because guess what buddy.... the UN is an organisation that is liable to the decisions it makes and could fall apart on one of those actions. Your last statement doesn't have much to do with what were talking about here. 
    One of my final points to this thread being, It's hard for a democracy to take place in country were there are so many different power factions that can at any moment cause civil uprising with each other. New Syria will need a redefining constitution with laws, a justice system and heavily monitored policing force more sophisticated than any other nation in the west. If that doesn't happen this time.... we are likely to see the same thing happen again.
    One other point..... Do you think new Syria would be more beneficial to a presidential election system or absolute monarchy? I think that the country would in no way or shape be ready for that once peace has been restored. A parliamentary system is something that has only been successfully established in countries where kings and queens have found the time to be right. Your thoughts on that?      
  17. Why do you always leave out Iran? They aren't sitting ducks as you make them out to be when it comes to the Syrian Conflict?

    Not only are they funding and arming Hezbollah militants, active in Syria as we speak. Not to mention they are allies of the Assad dictatorship.
  18. When has Assad threatened or attacked the West ?

    Hezbollah are of no threat to the West either and neither are Iran for that matter.

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  19. PLO ties? Secret chemical weapons?use of chemical weapons on civilians? Illicit nuclear programme?
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    Just answered your question in a previous post.

    I was asking you why do you always leave iran out of discussions involving Syria? They are undeniably playing the same role as the west.

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