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Synthetic urine.

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by OGSnowbunnie, May 8, 2016.

  1. Hi fellow tokers.
    I was offered a new job in the 45000 yr range. Currently Im a waitress, so that kind of money is lifechanging. Im currently in the process of background check....drug test is Monday. My background is squeaky clean but Im a serious pothead. Daily smoker 11 years. Probably an oz every week and a half. I didnt trust trying to detox.

    I got some Quick fix plus today. Any tips?
  2. Wait, synthetic urine really exists?? Creeeeeeepy.

    Jeeeeeze, I dunno, wish I could help...I know my brothers swore by some kind of vinegar/cranberry concoction, but damn, that was so long ago....

    Best of luck! :)
  3. It exists indeed.....
    And thanks!
  4. Quickfix is the bomb.

    Family member just passed a test 2 weeks ago with a big company using some quickfix I gave him. As long as you get it to temp and swish it around a little before you pour it in the cup you're good.

    Good Luck.
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  5. I just had a random drug screen at my company and used the quick fix plus I always keep on hand. They said my company would have results in 24-48 hours and that was 7 days ago, so I can attest to this fine product.
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  6. Good to know!!!
  7. I always keep it on hand and has never let me down. Make sure you get it hot because sometimes you can be waiting up to an hour at the clinic. I've found that putting it over the dash defrost in your vehicle and cranking the heat up will get it up to temp very quickly even in the dead of winter.

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  8. I just did my preemployment drug test I used quickfix 6.1 and failed the lab called me and asked if I had any idea why my urine was not real urine but a substitute. Instant fail
  9. There are a lot of expired batches being sold for discount on amazon, ebay, etc. It says it on their website, which I went to when my order came from amazon and was almost 2 years expired.
  10. It wasn't the fact if it was expired rather it was missing the uric acid . It has the urea but no uric acid .. just if you need 100% for sure I'd go with a clean sample of human urine. As they are now testing the samples more rigorously
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