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Synthetic CBD pill like Marinol?

Discussion in 'Medical Marijuana Usage and Applications' started by kotcarson, Mar 6, 2012.

  1. In case you don't know, Marinol's a medication that's a synthetic form of THC. Is there any medication that's a synthetic form of CBD?

    I have severe nerve damage and need extremely high amounts of CBD in my meds to get relief. The problem is that in order to get the sufficient does of CBD I have to medicate often and regularly (though, I know that might not seem like a problem... :D).

    I wish I didn't get such a buzz from all the THC, so if anybody has some suggestions, I'd like to hear 'em. If not, I'll stick with my high CBD, lowish THC strains at the dispensaries.

    Thanks a ton! :wave:
  2. As for as the CBN pill, IDK. Their are CBN strains like bubba kush. You will get used to the thc and find the sweet spot, however.
  3. check out the strain avedikel, somehting like 17% cbd. you may have ot move to Israel to try it though.
    shark top and shark bite have like 7%....

    there are also syrups and cheeba chew has a high cbd tootsie.
    best of luck with the nerve damage.
  4. Hello friend .... The pill and CBD action is a great thing ....I believe that one day the pill to cure cancer will be available to all and they are working on other diseases too . My friend Rick Simpson has proved this time and time again
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  5. The US government has a patent on CBD, so I wouldn't expect to see any CBD pills on the market soon. I'm not sure the patent would stop people from making a synthetic version though.
  6. Eating fresh and or unheated herb produces less psychoactive activity than decarbed weed, thus allowing you to achieve a higher dose without getting high.
  7. Dixie X is a scam. It is simple HEMP OIL.

  8. ....Hemp oil that includes CBD, no?
  9. No, not at all.
  10. Synthesized and isolated cannabinoids arent going to help you. Theres 70+ cannabinoids present in the natural herb for a reason, they all work together ;)

  11. Would appreciate some type of elaboration. Not trying to start an argument but how do you figure they are straight up lying about their product's contents?
  12. Let's start here.... Can you show me where they are claiming it does contain CBD???

  13. See, you pulled a fucking bait and switch there bro, that's not right. I'm reporting your ass!!!!

    You linked to this site first,


    Then this one second,

    Dixie Elixirs & Edibles

    What the fuck is up with that? The second site claims only selling to licensed dispensaries, but you first posted a link to a site which sells fucking hemp oil??

    You a shill??

    What's up?

  14. [​IMG]

    First of all, relax. Ironic that a dude who frequents a marijuana forum needs to chill.

    Second of all, I have personally ordered the dew drops and it says right on the bottle that it contains CBD. For whatever reason, on the main website, it doesn't mention that it contains CBD, only "hemp oil".

    I can however attest to the CBD present in the oil and its anti-anxiety effects.

    Now go smoke a pound of marijuana, ask yourself why you harbor so much negativity, cry a little bit, go to sleep and have a good day tomorrow. And fuck off.
  15. Good luck with your hemp oil :laughing:

  16. :wave: Was just trying to help the OP who is in search of synthetic CBD by providing info about actual CBD available legally. Spare me, please.
  17. So how much did Dixie X seem to help your anxiety?

    Any more thoughts on your experience?

    Thanks -

  18. All hemp contains cbd

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