SYN Tall Showerhead: Anyone else pumped?

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  1. I just saw the new (to me, at least) tall showerhead on ALT. For me, this is like a dream come true. I was debating between the full-size showerhead and the SG stemline. This is kind of like a cool middle ground, but guess what: it's cheaper than both of the alternatives. Plus it seems like ALT keeps a better inventory of SYN than SG, so it is easier to come by.

    I wasn't able to find a thread about this here or on GD, so it's possible that it's a new tube. If in fact it has been around for a while, I'd love to hear some impressions. If you want pictures, you know where to look.
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    I realize this is a pretty bland thread without a picture, so here is one form ALT.
  3. They solid for sure, but are by no means new. I got that same one (different label) from alt no more than 4 months ago. You will really enjoy this tube...I promise.:smoking::)
  4. You should also take a look at Stone Glass (SGW) Waffle tubes. Very similar to the SG stemline.
  5. I was thinking about getting the Small Showerhead from SYN. What's the difference between the tall and shorter version? The shorter one is more expensive too.. Anyone care to elaborate?
  6. SYNs been coming out with some pretty quality glass even though they dont compare to the higher end stuff...ive been curious how they hit...anybody have a review on them?
  7. the shorter one comes with a splash guard
  8. ^ do you think that smaller syn is the way to go or the tall? I'm always worried about the tall being to "airy" but have not hit the smaller one yet either...

    oh decisions decisions, the 250$ smaller one looks studier, with the splashguard and all...someone help!

  9. what do you mean by airy?

    i have a LW mini 10 arm with mini 5 arm downstem beaker.

    just like ALT has the 15 arm with mini 5 arm.

    do you mean the tall one will pull really easy?
  10. I think he's worried that the tall one won't give very dense hits.

    I have a Syn showerhead mini and it's by far the fastest clearing tube I've ever hit, on par with the best for smoothness as well.

  11. i cant take too dense of hits. i like taking a series of small nice hits.

    im actually about to order the tall syn showerhead(21") with no spashguard.

    rather then the mini 15.5" with guard.
  12. with your LW, you get perfect hits, just enough smoke/air. When the tube is to long/tall, sometimes it's "airy" to much air to little smoke for a single pull.

    I think i'm going to go with the smaller syn shower with the splashcap.

  13. the LW i have is 12" tall and i cant really take huge rips with it. it gets to milked up for me to take it all in.

    so do you think the extra 9" from the taller syn and ice pinches will help me with that?

  14. i just ordered one, im assuming you still have yours, can you post a milk vid by any chance?

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