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  1. So, I've been planning on getting a tube after my roomate broke pluto, my old pipe:(. So I was deciding which I should get and I had my heart set on a syn mini showerhead, but they were out of stock for awhile. So I decided on an SG mini stemline for 300 bucks....only 4mm thick, which made me worry since 5mm is usually the bare minimum on thickness since I live in a house that usually has alot of parties and people going through it.
    So then today I saw that ALT got a new shipment...WITH A MINI SHOWERHEAD!!!! I was so happy I ordered it as fast as I could!! Its shipped already..heres a pick of my baby!

    I'll post pictures and milkvid and such when it gets here!! I'm so excited!!:D:D:D
  2. how much did the syn run you?

    lol@kermit and can't wait for pics.
  3. ^^260.00 shipped. My roommate is throwing down 175 to cover the pipe he busted, so im only spending like 90 out of my pocket.
  4. nice bro, you wont be dissapointed. i bought the tall showerhead in may, i wish i had bought the 14" version. im selling mine cause its too tall :/
  5. $250
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    yea it was cheaper than expected so I'm thinkin of pickin up an inline ac at my local headshop

    edit. thanks for the pic Fondler I couldn't figure out how to make it show up without a link.
  7. i just got confirmation that its coming tommoro!!!I'll be hopefully posting pics if i can get my friends camera
  8. Haha I also wish I knew how to post pics like that without a link.
    Can't wait for some whole milk!
  9. IMO its easier to post pictures without links...just click on the little paper clip on the top of the comment box...a "manage attachments" window will open up where you can upload a file off your computer
    (file sizes can't be larger than jpeg 5.00 MB width 2560 height 1600) ...if you can't figure it out from there you shouldn't be on a pc haha.
  10. Haha actually most of the time I post on here from my phone. But thanks I understand!
  11. ohh that changes things, sorry...:p
  12. nice man youll love the showerhead. i have the full sized one. i saw a sick piece of syn glass the other day. the tube had about 12 percs in the bottom then an inline was attached to it and it looked exactly like a ash catcher except it was all one piece. the guy also said it had a gravity chamber above the inline? has anyone ever heard of those? but i think it was listed at 500 or 599 but it was really sick

  13. solid roommate, doing what he should. Friend of mine broke my askcatcher and chipped my bong about a month ago. Not only did he refuse to pay for it he tried to play it off like I did it and just looked like an ass

    I love SYN's btw, either a showerhead or a stemline for me in the future
  14. alright, so I got the syn mini showerhead in the mail about a week or so ago, but have been unable to get any pics or vids because I had to move out of my parents house to a new pad:D. Its a little dirty, and I'm sorry for that, if anyone requests I'll give it a bath and get another vid and some more pics. Her name is misty and I fuckin love this thing:smoke::smoke:

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  15. SYN makes nice stuff. I have a couple of their tubes and have been mostly happy with them. Ill get to the "mostly" part in a minute. But anyway, I have a couple of their tubes.. a really thick beaker bottom and a not as thick, smaller beaker bottom. Basic tubes, my thick one has a showerhead downstem and my thinner one just has a diffused downstem. They smoke really nice. I also have some other tubes.. a vacuum inline pipe and a beaker bottom double perk.. those aren't Syns and probably arent made quite as well.

    That being said, in everything Ive seen at the local shops and my own pieces, Syn is still using 14mm slides. Almost every quality ashcatcher I can find is 18mm. I know you can get adapters but they're hard to find and just add one more piece into the mix.

    Last but not least, according to both of the shops here local that sell Syn, they're done. They've been shut down by the fire marshall and apparently are looking for another building to move to but its going to be costly to move and at this point, it doesnt look like they are coming back at least not under the Syn name. Kinda sucks because they're sort of local to me.

    Anyway, enjoy your new piece, coming from a fellow Syn owner!
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