SYN Mini ShowerHead vs. ZOB Stemless Inline: What to Buy?

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    What's good GC:wave:! I've been looking for a quality stemless tube, to accompany my DaVinci portable vapo. I've grown bored of just vaporizing and want to own a bong again. I've owned cheap china glass before when I used to be a more careless individual, and broken every piece (Through careless friends at parties etc.). I'm a bit older now, and I feel up to the task of owning a real piece :)

    I've been observing the high-end glass market for sometime, and I'm not yet ready for a full-sized worked SG stemline, Mobius, or a 24" Toro etc.

    I'm deciding to start off small, with something entry level. My budget is $300, so I ended up with These Two:

    SYN Mini ShowerHead - $260

    ZOB Stemless Inline - $160

    I'm thinking of buying the ZOB and getting a 90degree A/C but then it would come to the same price as the SYN.

    I've never hit either types of percs, so I don't know how much harsher the inline would be than the showerhead. But the determing factor would be whether the Showerhead is smoother and has less drag + chug (on its own) than the ZOB with an A/C? Which one should I go with and why?

    Thanks for your valued input!

    [Edit]: -Planning on getting the 14" version of each tube. Perfect size for my protection case.
    -Also, any suggestions for better pieces within my price-range are welcome.
  2. Syn all the way, prob a lot smoother and it has no drag.... and then buy a a/c in the future if you need to. But def a SYN...
  3. That syn tube looks very nice. Where are you buying this at ? A local headshot or online?
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    I'll have to buy it online, I live in Canada. I'm just sick and tired of going to shops around my town and seeing china glass like cheech, hoss, gear, etc. being sold for $300-$400. It makes me sad so many people don't know they're getting ripped off :(. A lot of people in my town don't know this shit's out there, so they won't even respect my piece because they won't understand it. Oh well, I'm buying it for me, so fuck what they think
  5. inline will stack higher and have less drag, uniform bigger bubbles. SYN will have more resistance since its bringing water upwards but it'll churn more. Your call
  6. what no, the stemline won't stack at all, it has like 6 slits, the showerhead has like at least 30 slits. I agree about the resistance but I think the showerhead will have less drag since it has more bigger total area of holes allowing more air flow.
  7. Lolz those like 4 slits on the zob aren't stacking shit
    Plus the zob just looks cheap
  8. True. If I buy the ZOB, I have a feeling I'll regret not picking up the SYN. I just hope the extra diffusion is worth the $100 price gap.
  9. the extra diffusion and the extra quality.....
  10. zob is junk quality stuff, thats why its so cheap. and yea, that perc on the zob piece is not gridded, it has like 5 holes, its not going to stack much at all. if those 2 were my only choices i would buy the syn piece.
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    lol... The smokeyourselfnumb is a showerhead, a downslotted stemline will most certainly stack more... The inline will have the slots are all firing downward meaning its more bubbles going upwards than water, and because its just stacking bubbles that break and not water it will also have a constant upward motion...

    the SYN will have to draw a space void of water starting at the right angle of the stemless, all the water will go up and be held INSIDE the showerhead, at which point it will fire UPWARDS from the slits, bringing the bubbles THROUGH the water instead of foaming, and maybe making some turbulence at the very top... Different kind of diffusion from a inverse showerhead, more churning because of this but less stacking imo...
  12. Voted Syn. Very solid stuff.
  13. I don't mind the churning, but the idea of the smoke being forced through the water appeals to me. I would also like to point out that although in the picture it may seem like those slots are pointing downward, there are actually three on each side... which may decreasing the stacking effect. idk, I can't really picture this too well. I'll have to increase my knowledge of fluid dynamics.

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