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  1. This is my first serious attempt at growing. Planted northern lights feminized autoflower. Supposed to be the easiest. Question is on my first 4 little branches. 3 of the branches have 3 leaves and one has only one leaf. Please explain what might cause this.

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  2. It could be genetics or either a lil stress but it'll be OK I had a few do it and they still do well

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  3. Thanks. I planted the seed directly in fox farms ocean forest and just watered it some. Was wondering if there was to much N in there. That leaf bent down some in the very beginning but perked back up a little
  4. I did the same with the fox farms and I believe it's a lil strong for auto seedlings but in the long run its great but next go round I'm using the happy frog it's a lil lighter

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  5. Thanks a bunch man. You've made me feel better about it already. I'm thinking about doing the same thing with the happy frog next time.
  6. No problem ...that's what the app for so we can all learn from each other... Good luck with the grow and keep us posted!!

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